XC Week in Review

September 13 – 19

The Hyde Varsity Mens and Womens Cross Country team wrapped up a challenging week of training and their first road race of the season.  Runners are now vamping up for a busy week of more training in preparation for our big Homecoming Weekend quad meet against Elan, Hebron and Richmond this Saturday– our first meet of the season at 2:30pm on the front lawn.

Last week was riddled with challenging practices, from interval speed workouts, to long-distance runs (individually assigned between 4.5 and 10+ miles, depending on the athlete), to our first 5K road race in support of “Friends of Littlefield Home” in New Gloucester, Maine on Sunday morning.

The mens team, captained by John Garvey ’11, has been on the track to success since pre-season.  A team inspired by effective leadership, competitive running and rigorous work ethic, the mens varsity team has grown from strength to strength from the get-go.  With few exceptions, all athletes have invested admirable effort from day one, and much improvement has been made across various workouts– times are improving, each runner is growing in strength and confidence, and our top five runners are proving to be a “pack with potential.”  Notable work ethic and performance improvements include: John Garvey, Jamie McCracken ’12, Richard Stites ’11, Isaac Preston ’13, Matt Landry ’12.  These individuals have shown great leadership, and continue to push and encourage their peers: Cody Gullicksen ’11, Nik Hatch ’13, Elan Levnit ’14, KJ Oh ’11.  Aaron Deigh, ’11, while injured, has been effective and supportive in the role of Coaches’ assistant and team manager in the interim as he recovers.

The womens team is a “Phoenix Rising,” from a rough start to a challenging season.  While the women struggled with work ethic, discipline and leadership at the onset of the season, they are now working together to teach one another the importance of a “NO QUIT” attitude.  The difficulties presented to the team at the beginning of the season in no way undermine the athletic potential of our runners– Emma Falkinburg ’13, is one of our strongest athletes; she has had moments of great success, and has an infectious disposition when cheering on her teammates.  Lily Smith, ’11, is working to improve her times and to regain the leadership position she knows she can achieve.  Both Carrie Basch and Victoria Cowman have demonstrated marked improvements in both attitude and athletic endurance, improving times and attitudes significantly since day one.  Kayla Derby, Emeline Ferguson, and Jessie Zhao, all class of ’11, are taking leadership through their quiet determination and no-quit attitudes.

On the whole, Hyde Varsity XC is off to an impressive start, but with room for growth, challenge and development.  We have a synergy unique to this group that other teams in the past have struggled to produce so early in the season.  We are on our way up and expect great growth and athleticism this fall!


Coaches James Redstone and Casey Mercer