JVFB Wins in Season Opener vs. KO

Kingswood Oxford- 6
Hyde Woodstock- 24

Woodstock, CT  Grant Field- For the game of Football, the day was on the hot end of the temperature spectrum and the Wolfpack came out to face the most fearsome team in our season, a team that has historically beaten us by a sizable margin. Today was to be different however and the unity and determination of this JV squad persevered through dominance on both sides of the ball.

Parker Vaughn ’12 led the offense behind a wall of impenetrable blockers; Lincoln Sherman ’11Jackson Bender ’13Alex Underwood ’12John White ’14Julian Goldenberg ’13John Nelson ’14Marcus LaGuardia ’14Jihu ‘Walter’ Kim ’12, and Aaron Miller ’12. Runningback Peter Markham ’13 had a phenomenal day with two touchdowns run and approximately 150 yards on the day. Ben Errera ’13 ran one in for six and a keeper up the gut from close by Vaughn made 24. Halfway through the third a disrupted pass play resulted in Vaughn running to the outside and taking a hit to the shin. Needing a QB, Senior and sole returning JV player from last year Pablo Miranda ’11 stepped up and ran a solid offense.

Defensively, the tone of the game was set early as we demonstrated the spirit of Hyde JVFB with raucous cries of ‘Release the Kraken!’ ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!’ and solid play. The defense held KO to zero until late in the 4th made possible by an errant pass and a defensive penalty. Clay Vernon ’14, and Bender  struck fear into the KO QB assisted by Underwood, Sherman, White, and Linebackers Greg Dulka ’12Apache He ’12, Errera. The pass coverage held and KO only had two receptions on the day thanks to heavy pressure in the backfield and a secondary consisting of Aaron Lyons ’12Mason Spector ’14, Hershberg, Ryan London ’14David Smith ’14, and Miranda.

As proud as I am that we came together as a team on the field there was an ‘Only at Hyde’ moment before the game. I needed help finishing crew in the cafeteria since the clean up did not go well. The JV team picked up the ball and made short work of the job as a team. This moment will stick with me as a coach and educator and it’s just one more example of why my job is so special.

Next week we face … on Wednesday and look forward to building on the momentum created today.

This win and so much that this team embodies is owed to the years of dedication from the ‘Admiral,’ Coach Michael Vorhees Dawes. His ability to connect with young men and inspire them through a spirit of joy and love of the game has set the groundwork for the team we have today. This win is dedicated to him.

Coach Radar, Ian Matthew Harrington