Solid Showing for X Country at Canterbury Invitational

Saturday 9-25

Hyde School Cross Country

At The Canterbury Invitational

It was unseasonably warm for a day in late September with hardly a cloud in the sky.  Most of the New England cross country community was present for the largest invitational of the season.  Both the guys and girls’ squads were quiet and focused as they prepared for their races.  Our rosters were a little short due to some lingering injuries.

The boys’ squad was especially affected by the loss of sophomore Matt Wysocki due to a rolled ankle.  Losing one of their top runners did not dampen the team’s spirits but rather deepened their resolve.  Standout performances from Mac McGuire ’11 and Tucker Mara ’11 led the guys team to an 11thplace finish out of 14 very strong teams.  The whole team demonstrated courage and grit by going out at a much faster pace than usual.  While the team/the guys struggled with the endurance to maintain that pace for the full 3.1, the first 2 miles showed great promise as the team continues to work on endurance and base.

On the girls’ squad, leaders Lori Allen ‘11 and Laura Leonard ‘11 helped to push their team by charging off the line and setting a very quick pace on a difficult course.  Barbara Zimmer ’11 continued to test her limits and define herself as a very gutsy runner with an excellent performance on the long rolling grass hills.  Due to a fall by Gabby Bergeron ’14 and the absence of Alexis Holdampf ’12 the girls’ team result was not all it could have been, but the team continues to develop and show great promise.

Our next meet is the Marianapolis invitational this Wednesday at 4pm.  We will also be hosting our first home meet on Saturday Oct. 2nd.  Please join us and support our teams.