Wolfpack GVS Wins in Season Opener

September 10, 2010

At Hyde School

Hyde School – 4
Rocky Hill School – 2

The Hyde School Girls Varsity Soccer Team began its 2010 season with a victory Friday September 10 over Rocky Hill School at home.  With a tough previous season, the WolfPack showed tremendous growth and teamwork in a well-deserved win against a more seasoned Rocky Hill.

The game did not initially favor the Hyde players, as defensive standout Becca Katz ’12 fell to an injury in the first minute of the game.  All-around player Rianna Arellano ’12 graciously moved back into the central defender position and had a huge influence over the tempo of the game.  Arellano was able to control the defense and support the midfield, often initiating the offensive play from her position.  Though Rocky Hill controlled much of the play with excellent ball movement, Marcy Altobello ’13 hustled down the sideline to feed Hope Eldridge ’11 a great through ball.  Eldridge finished the play with 16:49 remaining in the first half to give Hyde the lead.  Just two minutes later, Aine Zaniewski ’13 collected an Eldridge rebound, giving the WolfPack a two goal advantage, which would lead them into half time.

Rocky Hill came out strong as the whistle initiated the second half.  While they continued to control play, they also capitalized on Hyde’s defensive lapses.  Scoring off two rebounds, Rocky Hill made it a tie game with goals at 34:27 and 27:12 remaining in the game.  With hearts of steel, the Hyde players maintained composure and heightened their teamwork.  Such hustle earned the team a free kick about five yards outside the corner of the penalty box with 24:37 left in the game.  With great midfield support all game, Bryn Nolan ’12 drove the ball flawlessly into the upper left corner of the net, regaining the lead for the Hyde team.  As the hustle and support throughout the field continued for the WolfPack, midfield standout Mari Barnett ’11 worked tirelessly to feed Eldridge another great ball, which she capitalized to finish, giving Hyde an insurance goal with 18:59 remaining on the clock.  Though Rocky Hill played strong and earned 10 shots on goal to Hyde’s two in the second half, outstanding defense and tenacity sealed the victory for the WolfPack.

A true team effort, Hyde benefited greatly from the defensive play of Gillian Weintraub ’12, who shut down Rocky Hill’s top player.  With Arellano at the defensive helm, Camryn Bindra ’13 and Caitlyn Colley ’11 also minimized Rocky Hill’s offensive opportunities. NolanBarnettAltobello, and Gabi Caro ’13 worked tirelessly to support the middle of the field, feeding smart passes and maintaining the structure of play.  The WolfPack anchor was goal keeper Lara Cornelius ’11, who had 14 outstanding saves.  Without her hard work, positive attitude, and ability, the scoreboard could have told a different story.

Hyde will continue to build on the positive aspects of its season debut, facing Wheeler School Tuesday September 14 at home.