Wolfpack BVS Falls to STM 1-0

Hyde School, Woodstock – 0
St. Thomas More – 1

The Wolfpack experienced a very disappointing loss today against St. Thomas More.  The athletes competed in less than perfect conditions as the rain came down and fog drifted over the field.  The start of the game showed reason for concern as Hyde was caught off guard by a strong attack. The Wolfpack regained composure and started to possess the ball for a few minutes.  St. Thomas More took advantage of the Pack’s slow transitional response however and beat the defense to best keeper Brian Sanz ’11.  The team rallied for much of the game, spending a significant portion of the eighty minutes in St. Thomas More’s defensive end.  With a strong presence in net however, the Pack came up empty time and time again despite numerous opportunities.  Excellent effort came from the midfield line of Dan Weintraub ’12 and Matan Peltier ’11 in the center, and Kun Il Kim ’12 andAdam Carreau ’11 on the outsides.  These four worked to win the ball and move it against the Saint’s defense.  Weintraub continues to improve his touch and his game while showing tenacity in his attack.  These four also set up numerous scoring opportunities for forwards Jae Kang Lee ’14 andNathan Chesley ’12 who were just unable to finish.  Strong defensive work came once again from Ethan Thoms ’12 at sweeper and in a new position on the left, Graham Davidson ’13. Thoms and Davidson supported the work of Richard Schuler ’12 who was hard hitting and consistently worked to get to the ball; and Nick Sackman ’11 who despite injury played a significant portion of the game.  Davidson, it should be noted, also had three shots on goal as he repeatedly collected rebounded balls in order to shoot.

The Wolfpack looks forward to meeting St. Thomas More again in just over a week.  Until then however the team faces numerous opponents beginning with The Master’s School on Wednesday.