Boys Varsity Soccer Battles Williams to 3-3 Tie

October 2, 2010

Hyde School – 3
William’s School – 3

Saturday’s match was a battle.  The pitch was soft and mushy from recent torrential rains and the Wolfpack was once again hungry for a win.  Hosted by the William’s School on their homecoming weekend, the sidelines were filled with returned alumni and current parents.  As always, Hyde’s traveling fan base was once again present to witness and support the difficult day.

Play opened with tentative touches as both teams worked through muddy patches.  It was soon clear that the ball was not always going to react as hoped or as expected.  This led the team to work the ball up and over much of the field on kicks and punts.  Keeper Brian Sanz ’11 repeatedly pounded the ball forward and was rewarded for his effort in the sixteenth minute.  Sanz’s big foot placed the ball on Williams’ eighteen where forward Nate Chesley ‘12 found it in the air with his head, putting it past the goalie.  Ferociously on the attack following this, neither team could make headway enough without losing possession.  It was not a game of finesse.  Williams continue to work Hyde’s defensive wings in an attempt to break through while the Wolfpack attacked them on all sides.  In the 36th minute Williams’ player Spencer Esty ’11, broke through to go one-on-one against Sanz.  His well placed ball evened the score and made the tension that much more palpable.  The half closed 1-1.

The second half opened with renewed vigor as both teams’ cheers indicated that the battle would only deepen.  Williams was awarded with a corner within two minutes of the start and scored off of a well placed head ball off the head of Anton Gudz ’11.  With Williams now up by one, the Wolfpack became frenzied.  Play in the middle of the field became more physical as athletes fought for every possession.  Dan Weintraub ’12 played tenaciously and intelligently in midfield as he repeatedly won 50-50 balls and made simple passes to teammates moving to space.  Numerous opportunities presented themselves for Jae Kang Lee ’14 and Chesley up at the top but nothing came to fruition.  In the fifteenth minute, Hyde earned a corner kick and Matan Peltier ’11 struck the ball with precision.  Williams’ keeper misjudged the trajectory and it slipped into goal just inside the near post.  With the game tied up, both sides howled battle cries for victory.  Within thirty seconds, newcomer Chris Wells ’12 drove the ball down the left side, passed to Matan for a slow lob up and over the goalie’s head giving Hyde the lead once again. From here the pace and tenor of contact and furious nature of the game elevated to yet another level.  The Wolfpack watched as the clock ticked down working to defend the goal as the Williams athletes continued their attack.  Disappointment came with less than a minute to go.  A misplaced touch in Hyde’s defensive third squirreled the ball down the end line and out of bounds, giving Williams a corner with 45 seconds to go.  Incredulously, coaches and the bench watched as the battle on the six allowed Williams to convert the cross into one more goal.  The game concluded 30 seconds later.  Notable effort was seen from Adam Carreau ’11 at right mid, Graham Davidson ’13 at stopper, and Ethan Thoms ’12 at sweeper.  The team as a whole made significant improvements in being tough on the attack and simplifying play.

Man of the Match goes to Dan Weintraub for significant improvements and contribution in the middle.

Hyde’s record stands at 2-3-1.  The Wolfpack has a full schedule this week starting on Monday when they play local rival Marianapolis Prep.  The team then drives Wednesday to the Cape to play Falmouth Academy followed by St. Thomas More on Thursday.