Boys JVS Battles STM to 3-3 Tie

Boys JV Soccer vs. St. Thomas Moore

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hyde- 3
STM- 3

Hyde’s JV team faced St. Thomas Moore today in our best and most triumphant game to date.  The team was challenged with three goals at the beginning of the game: to pass, run and trap to open space, to attack the offense prior to their receiving the ball and to play our best game so far, the team had high hopes going into this match.

The first goal of the game came from Jabon Chubbuck ’12, a veteran JV soccer player, taking advantage of a fumble by the opposing goalie in the tenth minute of play.  Not only did he score the first goal of the game, but the first goal of his soccer career at Hyde.  Congratulations Jabon!  St. Thomas Moore followed with a well aimed goal before the end of the first half, but their scoring opportunities were limited by the improved work of the defense, namely Sam Zhao ’12, Jerry Su ’12 and Paul Pan ’12, tightly marking the offense and preventing them from penetrating to our goal.

The beginning of the second half saw a weakening of our team, with loose defense and the midfield turning the ball into the opposing players instead of using their space.  St. Thomas Moore’s second goal inspired our team’s improved effort, by Thomas Nixon ’14, Jun Guo ’14, and brand new player Stephen Gong ’12 whose speed allowed them to initiate plays in the offensive side of the field.  Hyde’s second goal was scored by Gong, an exciting achievement for his first game with the JV team.

The fifth goal of this exciting game was scored by St. Thomas Moore with barely ten minutes left of play.  Not to be daunted, the JV team redoubled their effort to move the ball forward and maintain a tight defense.  Walker Corley ’12 in particular showed incredible effort marking his offensive player and defending his zone.  Finally, with two minutes of play left in the game, Gong was fouled during an attempt on goal allowing Jake Abelman ’12 to score our final goal on the following penalty kick.

Paul Pan was declared the MVP of the game due to his tireless effort throughout the game despite battling a foot injury.  The entire team deserves credit for their hard work and demonstrated improvement so far this season.