Boys JV Soccer in Wheeler Matchup

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hyde- 1

Wheeler- 6

Hyde faced Wheeler’s JV team Friday on their field.  The final score of the game does not do justice to the hard work the team put forth during this game, nor does it adequately reflect the personal victories players experienced throughout.  With most players showing significant improvement since our first game, our performance in Friday’s match proved to be both inspiration to further improve as well as evidence of our hard work thus far.

The first goal of the game was shot cleanly into the corner by Paul Pan ’12, working off of a stunning free kick from Jerry Su ’12 in the third minute of play.  As the game progressed, the team worked to develop a more offensive game, with many great plays coming from the right wing, made up of Sam Zhao ‘12Thomas Nixon ‘14, and Richard Schuller ’11.  Other attempts to break through the opposing defense came from Jun Guo ’14Brian O’Dea ‘14 and Jae Kang Lee ’14.  But despite our best efforts, Wheeler scored three times on our team during the first half.

The second half of the game saw the team working to spread out and use the whole field.  Joe Su ’12 had excellent use of the whole field whilePan and Su maintained a strong defensive line.  The greatest progress during the second half, however, was seen in Nick Davis ’12, who has made tremendous strides aggressively approaching breakaway players and calling for the ball during crowded plays.

The team hopes to further demonstrate our improvement in our game this Monday again St. Thomas Moore.