Boys JV Soccer at Putnam Science Academy

Mens’ JV Soccer at Putnam Science Academy

September 22, 2010

Hyde- 1
Putnam Science Academy- 9

The Hyde JV soccer team incurred a tough loss in our game again Putnam Science Academy yesterday afternoon.  Facing stronger and more skilled opponents than in our fist game, the team discussed our need for further rigor during future practices and hopes to use this game as inspiration to work harder and improve before our next match on Friday.

During the course of the game, coaches and bench players discussed our need to improve communication and positioning.  Facing a team capable of long, powerful kicks and several strong forwards, our weakness in this area allowed them many opportunities for clean shots on goal.  PSA was able to score four times in the first half of the game, though Nick Davis ’13, playing his second game in goal, was able to save many of the shots that came his way.  Dominating our defensive line were Paul Pan ‘12 and Jerry Su, ‘12, who both show potential to become strong marksmen.  Several midfield players fell back to supplement our defensive line, including Brian O’Dea ’14 and Jae Kang Lee ’14, joining us from the varsity team.  The JV team was joined yesterday by several other varsity players Adam Ben-Hanania ’11, Jonah Birnbaum ’12, Sean Kadagian ’11, and Richard Schuller ’12.  Tthe team was grateful to benefit from the skill and experience of these players, but needs to work  to overcome to challenge of communicating with players with whom they had never practiced.

The second half of the game was marked by improved handling on the part of several players.  O’Dea and Schuller both had shielded the ball well and brought our team into the offensive zone.  Thomas Nixon ’14, playing his first game with the team, demonstrated promising skill and took possession of the ball in the midfield several times.  Our goal was scored by Lee in the 27th minute of the second half, marking the final goal of this tough game for the team.  We look forward to honing our skill in the short time we have before facing Wheeler Academy this Friday.