Hyde Weekly – 9/25 – 10/01


Five Words and the EEMO Scale
The school meeting this week centered around a self-assessment based on the 5 words (courage, integrity, leadership, curiosity and concern).  Each student and teacher was asked to rate themselves using the EEMO scale (Excellence, Effort, Motions & Off Track) on each of the 5 words.  Afterwards, students and teachers shared which word had the most significance for them in their assessment and why.  Some responses were:

“Leadership stuck out for me because I am trying to be more of a leader this year, but I also have to learn how to lead from concern and lead with courage.”- Nat Abernethy ’11

“Courage is my word because I’m challenging my peers more and speaking up more than I did last year.” – Colin Foye, faculty member

“I’m struggling to find things I can be curious about but I want to be curious.”- Laughlynn Bragg, ‘12

For a change of pace, the usual announcement time on Monday was used to welcome a pair of basketball performers who demonstrated their ball handling skills and tricks for the students.  Jason Gibbons, a resident of Bath, has performed at the NBA All-Star weekend and travels across the country.  Accompanying him was Kenny Dobbs, who travels the world performing his dunking skills.  It was also announced at the assembly that he had recently been offered a spot with the Harlem Globetrotters.  In addition to their on-court performance, Mr. Dobbs shared part of his life story and the adversity he had to overcome to reach his goals.  His punch line to the students:  “We all have a leader inside of us and the only thing standing between us and our dreams is the willingness to work to make them a reality.”

Leadership Society
The initial group for the Hyde Leadership Society completed their interviews and met for the first time with faculty advisor Steve Levesque.  Congratulations to the following seniors:

John Garvey, Jacob Leighton, Emily Rose, Jane Miller, James Frazier, Wonseo Huh, Harry Smith, Juno Ra, Aneth Batamuliza, Emeline Ferguson, Ying Ying Tan, Nat Abernethy, Sage Harris, Tyrone Freston, Rachel de Molina, Richard Stites, Alex Hays, Alyssa Thomas, Barry Gao, Mali Perry and Gabi Harvie.

Juniors interested in joining will begin their application and interview process in the coming weeks.

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On Sunday, the entire community welcomed several hundred guests for the celebration of beloved veteran Hyde faculty member, Michael V. Dawes. From the opening strains of the student body singing Carole King’s, “Way over Yonder” to the laughter of the infamous JV Football nicknaming ceremony, the afternoon was a memorable one. The emotion of the slideshow highlighted Mike’s special gift to make everyone he came in contact with feel special. Don MacMillan summed up the lessons he learned from Mike when he spoke:

  1. Be happy. A smile can be contagious.
  2. Be nice to people for no reason other than they like it and it makes them feel good.
  3. Be grateful especially when life is difficult.
  4. See the best in people. It was a rare family interview when Mike didn’t say, “That’s a great kid. We want them here.”
  5. Take time to listen. We all know that Mike was a great talker and could make people feel better with his banter, but he also knew the importance of giving all of his attention to a lonely student, a frustrated teacher or a bewildered parent.
  6. Laugh.

Huge Win

On a hot day, the Wolf Pack came out to face the most fearsome team on our schedule; a team that has historically beaten us by a sizable margin. Today was to be different. The unity and determination of this JV football squad persevered through dominance on both sides of the ball.

Parker Vaughan ’12 led the offense behind a wall of impenetrable blockers; Lincoln Sherman ’11, Jackson Bender ’13, Alex Underwood ’12, Jon White ’14, Julian Goldenberg ’13, John Nelson ’14, Marcus LaGuardia ’14, Jihu ‘Walter’ Kim ’12 and Aaron Miller ’12. Running back Peter Markham ’13 had a phenomenal day with two touchdown runs and approximately 150 yards. Ben Errera ’12 ran one in for 6 yards and Vaughan ran for 24 yards. Halfway through the third, a disrupted pass play resulted in Vaughan running to the outside and taking a hit to the shin. Needing a quarterback, senior and sole returning JV player from last year, Pablo Miranda ’11 stepped up and ran a solid offense.

Defensively, the tone of the game was set early on as we demonstrated the spirit of Hyde JV football with raucous cries of ‘Release the Kraken!’ ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!’ and solid play. The defense held Kingswood-Oxford to zero until late in the 4th quarter.  Clay Vernon ’14, and Jackson Bender ’13 struck fear in the Kingswood-Oxford quarter back, assisted by David Underwood, Lincoln Sherman, Jon White and linebackers Greg Dulka ’12, Apache He ’12 and Errera. The pass coverage held and Kingswood-Oxford only had two receptions for the day thanks to heavy pressure in the backfield and a secondary consisting of Aaron Lyons ’12, Mason Spector ’12, Chris Hershberg ’12, Ryan London ’14, David Smith ’14, and Miranda Pablo.  Proud day for those boys and for the school!

We Help Each Other Achieve Our Best
Some students approached me and wanted to do some teaching in the school meeting on Hyde’s Brother’s Keeper ethic. We asked the faculty to sit back and the group led us in understanding the foundation for holding high standards for each other. Several students shared the person in their life who was their brother or sister’s keeper. A few examples:

  • My mother has always challenged me to go after my best.”
  • “My grandfather was a role model for me to push myself more.”
  • “After being at Hyde, I challenged someone in my neighborhood for disrespecting a female and he ended up apologizing to her.”
  • “I challenged my mother to look at some issues in her life.”
  • “My roommate is on me but in a good way.”

It was some great teaching and a reminder that the students are often the best teachers.

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