Hyde Weekly – 9/17 – 9/24


Alumni Weekend
Friday evening marks the beginning of Alumni Weekend.  As a school, we spent time on Wednesday working on team cheers to build excitement for the weekend and to prepare for the bonfire pep rally scheduled for Friday night.  Highlights on Saturday will include:

  • A community meeting during which alums share what their Hyde education means on the other side of graduation and current students give an update on the Hyde education of today
  • Official opening of the turf field, followed by varsity football vs. Tilton; Hyde Invitational XC race; and women’s varsity soccer vs. Greely
  • Alumni basketball and soccer games
  • Reunion dinner of seafood and prime rib for alums and current students
  • The “Alumni Got Talent” performances which will include musical numbers by alums, students and faculty

Clash of the Titans
The regular Monday community meeting was the site for the championship match of last weekend’s ping pong tournament.  Peter Higgins ’12 had survived a grueling stretch in the qualifying rounds to make it to the finals. There he met tournament favorite Austin Wang ’12. Much to the surprise of the loud and raucous crowd, Peter took an early lead.  Austin took a brief time out to regain his composure and then put on a clinic of spinning serves and smashing returns.  In the end, Austin took home first prize by a score of 21-15.  A special thanks goes to KJ Oh ’11 who organized the tournament for close to 40 participants.

College Visits Begin
The fall semester is the time when colleges come calling to inform and recruit seniors for their schools.  This week representatives from Bowdoin, Gettysburg, University of Maine, St. Lawrence and Wheaton College made the trip to Bath.  A group of seniors will also be attending a college fair this coming Sunday to learn more about colleges throughout New England.

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Winning Women
This year, the Hyde women have made a commitment to “up their game” and it is starting to show. The Hyde School Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team earned its second victory of the season Saturday, September 18 at MacDuffie School. Hyde was able to control the field for much of the game with Mari Barnett ’11 and Bryn Nolan ’12 moving the ball through the midfield.  Though the halftime score was 0-0, Hyde had the upper hand as the teams moved into the last forty minutes of play.  With 29:40 left in the game, Nolan, outstanding all game, hustled to intercept a MacDuffie goal kick, blasting the ball past the keeper into the upper right corner of the net, giving Hyde the only goal of the game.  MacDuffie worked to earn a few fast breaks, threatening the Hyde lead throughout the final minutes of the game, but Caitlyn Colley ’11 and Marcy Altobello ’14 maintained composure on defense to keep their opponent scoreless.  Stand-in goal keeper Hope Eldridge ’11 made the shut-out possible with 9 saves. The Wolf Pack looks to continue to improve its record and reconnect as a team.

Harvest Moon
Our Chinese students inspired curiosity this Wednesday as they put on an informative and energetic performance explaining the origin of their much celebrated  holiday, Zhong Qiu Jie (Mid-Autumn Festival).  Joe Su ’12, who is a Chinese American, started by explaining the history and importance of Moon Cakes, a treat the Chinese students shared with their American friends throughout the day.  Tina Zhang ’12 narrated the performance as Apache He ’12, Grace Lin ’12, Wei Wei ’12, Steve Wang ’13, Joy Yang ’12, and Paul Pan ’12 gave a stunning depiction of the legend of the Harvest Moon.  Sam Zhao ’12, Joy Yang ’12 and Wenjun Guo ’14 made the power point slides and wrote the script while Shenae Hu ’12 directed.  Shenae commented that, “This experience helped me to realize that I have a leadership role among my peers and I see that as a great opportunity for myself.”  The audience was engaged through a question and answer session and everyone was invited to enjoy a dinner at the dining hall that provided typical dishes served during their “Thanksgiving” feast.  The morning meeting left the school with much to talk about for the day and faculty member Donna Dubinsky expressed her anticipation to see more moments where culture is shared in the future.

We Are In This Together
This week, the school had its first official school meeting where everyone is the community gathered to discuss a range of topics including issues of the day as they relate to our individual character. This week, we started with a Hyde tradition, “life stories.” A student, faculty or staff member speaks for about six minutes and shares some of the following:

  • Upbringing
  • Defining moments in your life
  • Important relationships
  • Meaningful successes and failures
  • What inspires you

Faculty member Sean Saucier talked about his commitment to his family.  Jabon Chubbuck ’11 spoke about traveling to Washington, DC and being inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech. Shannon Ludeke ’12 shared how she found her voice in her family and gained grit confidence in herself. Everyone was inspired by these leaders.

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