Best-Selling Author to Offer Writer’s Workshop to Students at Hyde School

Best-Selling Author Douglas Preston.

Bath, ME—On Monday, September 20, eleven-time best-selling author, Douglas Preston, will be at Hyde School in Bath, Maine, instructing students on the finer points of writing during a semester-long writer’s workshop. The class, to be held this fall, is for self- motivated Hyde School students who want to launch a major writing project, such as  a novel, novella, memoir, or work of poetry.

Preston is the author of twenty-six books, both fiction and nonfiction, including eleven New York Times best sellers. His novels have been made into several motion pictures, including the number one box office hit, The Relic.

Preston also wrote for the New Yorker, Atlantic, Smithsonian, and National Geographic, and has instructed writing at the University of Princeton.

“It is an honor to have Douglas here at Hyde School to work with our students as well as provide guidance in a very rich and intellectual seminar setting,” states Head of School Don MacMillan.

This will be a hands-on seminar that will be limited to juniors and seniors who are interested in submitting their work for publication in the future.