Hyde Weekly 5/15 – 5/21

Bath Highlights:

  • Physics at Fun Town- Mr. Romac’s physics classes made their annual trek to Fun Town, an amusement park in Saco, ME for physics day. In addition to getting to ride the roller coasters, the students actually apply what they have been learning in class to determine rates of speed, velocity and energy used. “It was a beautiful day, we got to go on all of the rides, and reflect on physics.”- Alex Merkin ’10
  • Senior Exams and Evaluations- The seniors took a respite from evaluation process to finish the academic portion of their Hyde School careers. Beginning Tuesday with Government and English tests, and ending with Language exams on Friday, the seniors exalted in the accomplishment of wrapping up their classroom expectations. They will begin working on graduation speeches this afternoon, and meet with Joey Gauld on Sunday to talk about dreams and visions for their future. It is an intense time for the seniors and is proving to be full of self-reflection, insights and recognition of their successes, strength, challenges and growth during their time at Hyde.
  • Spring Athletic Awards- Congratulations to the men’s track team for their MAISAD championship season and to the women’s lacrosse team for their victory last Saturday to capture the league championship as well. Below are the end of the season recognitions that were awarded earlier this week:
  • Men’s Track:

MVP: Kenton Powell ’10

MIP: Ryan Sunshine ’12

New England Champions: Kenton Powell – shot put

MAISAD All-Star: Kenton Powell, Dexter Jenks ’10, Wes Freston ’11 and Chris Moulton ’12

  • Women’s Track

MVP: Robin Platte ’10

MIP: Emeline Ferguson ’11

New England Champion: Robin Platte– high jump

MAISAD All-Star: Robin Platte & Caroline Jackson ’10

  • Tennis Team

MVP: Sage Harris ’11

MIP: Tyrone Freston ’11

MAISAD All-Star: Sage Harris

  • Men’s Varsity Lacrosse

MVP: Tyler Works ’10

MIP: Alex Needham ’10

MASIAD All-Star: Connor Harbert ’11 & Tyler Works

  • Women’s Varsity Lacrosse

MVP’s: Scout Gauld ’10 & Olivia Chance ’10

MIP: Alyssa Thomas ’11

MAISAD All-Star: Alyssa Thomas, Scout Gauld, Olivia Chance, Zoe Dorian ’10

  • Men’s Junior Varsity Lacrosse

MVP: Jon Levitt ’11

MIP: Alec Randall ’12

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Parent Academy continues – Rick Chesley, father of Nate Chesley ’12, came and taught a class period to Bill Fabiano’s US History classes and Kevin Folan’s AP US History class on the Battle of Vicksburg. Rick was a history major in college and while he decided to go on to law school instead of teaching, he has always kept up a love for history. He brought in letters from Civil War soldiers to their family and friends as an example of how the Civil War was one of the first wars fought by literate soldiers. The students asked many questions and really appreciated Rick’s perspective on the Civil War. Faculty member Bill Fabiano stated, “It was so impressive that someone, not in the teaching field, has such a strong passion for history and is willing to share it with students.”
  • Run Baby Run – This past weekend the Woodstock campus, students, and faculty geared up to host the Division III Track & Field New England Championship. With over twenty teams visiting, the campus was abuzz with activity from mid-morning through dinner time. Hyde Woodstock Track & Field athletes performed well, bringing home a few ribbons and medals. Many of them also set personal records. Nora Curran ’10 set a new school record in the pole vault and won first in her event. Shawn Campbell (PG) earned three first places in the Long Jump, the 100 m dash, and the 200 m dash. Shawn’s effort in the Long Jump placed him in the New England record books with a whopping 23′ 2″. Senior Lexi Burke placed 4th in the shot put and added two feet to her best discus throw. Senior Tim Hallenbeck put great heart into his 110 High Hurdles and dropped half a second from his race. Junior Mac McGuire placed 4th in the pole vault. Overall, Hyde’s men’s team came in 7th place and the women’s team came in 10th overall. While each athlete’s success stands out, the overall effort from the entire team and community to make this event happen was very impressive.Assistant Head John Rigney led a great Hyde team of event coordinators that impressed everyone who attended!
  • Ladies Luncheon – On Monday, the female seniors, faculty and staff donned spring finery and gathered at the Head’s house to have a power lunch and share wisdom. Each senior was presented with a bracelet made by Sue Schofield and Mamie Horstmann and then listened to “pearls of wisdom” from their elders. The group then gathered and shared these insights:

1. Be true to yourself and let go of people pleasing.

2. Stand for something and play big.

3. Say what you mean, but don’t say it in a mean way.

4. If you decide to get married, prepare for a lot of hard work.

5. Find female mentors on your life and ask for their guidance.

6. Live within your means and you will be happier.

7. Know when a relationship is holding you back.

8. Laugh at yourself frequently.

9. Manners and poise will take you a long way.

10. Never forget the power of a hand-written thank you note!

  • Thank you seniors! – As the school prepared for commencement, we had our last school meeting with the seniors. Seniors stood and shared the lessons learned from the evaluation process. Then, the students and faculty shared thoughts and feelings about the seniors and their legacy to the school. It was both emotional and powerful. Some of the comments that seniors said to students and faculty: “You helped me become a man.” “I reconnected to my love of learning.” “You believed in me when others did not.” “I didn’t want to come and now I don’t want to leave.” LDG/DM

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