Parenting Principles in Every Home

With help from Pam Hardy, Hyde Regional Coordinator and Director of The Biggest Job Workshops, you can share your understanding of parenting excellence with friends in your community by organizing a Biggest Job Workshop in your area. Pam has 8 specific steps for organizing and executing a workshop, and she will guide you through every step. What better way to help those in your community raise children with strong character.

A 90-minute Biggest Job Workshop (our most popular workshop), is interactive and fun. We use humor and from-the-heart sharing to teach parents the importance of principles in their family, how to parent from a vision of what they want and not a reaction to what’s happening at the moment. The workshop includes:

  • A look at parenting from a vision
  • A framework and common language to realize that vision
  • An explanation and definition of the 10 Priorities of parenting excellence
  • An in-depth teaching of Truth over Harmony, Principles over Rules, and Attitude over Aptitude, with exercises to help parents with the tools to use these Priorities
  • An understanding of the importance of humility and humor in parenting
  • A perspective on how to be the parent your child needs, not the parent you think your child wants

So often at Hyde we hear of things going on in your community that are not asking the best from the children of the community. A workshop is a great way to bring some change – or offer an alternative – and help those around you strengthen their own relationships with their kids and play it forward.

Contact Pam at 207-504-6792 with questions or interest.