Hyde-Bath Senior Tierra Williams Has Some Serious Pipes

Tierra performing at Spring Family Weekend.
Tierra performing at Spring Family Weekend.

One week Hyde School senior Tierra Williams is entertaining a sold-out crowd at the Frontier restaurant in Brunswick, Maine and the next week she receives a national ranking in wrestling-8th in the 128-lb. USGWA weight class. Recently, Tierra signed a letter of intent to wrestle for the Missouri Valley College Lady Vikings next season…just another day in the life of Tierra Williams?

With such a diverse set of interests and skills, Tierra is everything but one-dimensional.

Tierra, the student
Around campus Tierra is known as a hard-working individual, always expecting the best from herself and helping others reach their own best. As a student, Tierra is an eager learner with a strong spirit and contagious energy that spreads to others.

Tierra, the athlete
As a wrestler Tierra is a force to reckon with on the mat. During her high school career, she has earned respect from her team and opponents for her hard work, growth as an athlete, and ability to excel in a male-dominated sport.

Varsity wrestling coach Logan Kidwell says, “Tierra has a dedication that is unmatched and can be seen in her work ethic and strong desire to succeed. She pushes herself and her teammates, and she shows resilience as she puts forth her best effort to improve in any way she can.”

Tierra’s commitment to her best as a wrestler has resulted in the following accomplishments:

  • Two-time Maine state girls champ and Most Outstanding Wrestler Award
  • Two-time New England Girls champ and Most Outstanding Wrestler Award
  • Two-time Northeast Regional Girls champ
  • Two-time U.S. Girls Wrestling Association All-American


Tierra, the singer
In the recording studio Tierra can hit notes like Babe Ruth used to hit home runs. Twice she has been selected to participate in the annual Singer-Songwriter workshop at Hyde with Michael McDonald and Don Cook, where she has recorded original music she has written.

Music Director, Matt Newberg says, “Tierra has a very soulful and versatile voice. She can bring out a playful, positive spirit that is contagious as well as deliver heartfelt, serious lyrics.”


Tierra, moving forward

After Tierra graduates from Hyde School in Bath, Maine this month, she will prepare to attend Missouri Valley College where she will wrestle for the Lady Vikings.

Her new college coach, Carl Murphree, offered: “I’m very excited to have Tierra join the Missouri Valley women’s wrestling team. She is a very dynamic wrestler and works hard. She will be a big plus to our program and to Missouri Valley College.”

Don’t surprised if you catch Tierra singing the national anthem in one breath and then pinning her opponent in the next….