Hyde Weekly 4/24 – 4/30

Bath Highlights:

  • Track Triumphs – The men’s and women’s track teams competed in their second track meet of the season at Hebron Academy on Saturday. The competition included all MAISAD track schools: Hebron, NYA, Elan, Seacoast, and Gould. It was a good day for Hyde as both our men’s and women’s teams won! Standouts were many, including senior Robin Platte ’10 who won the pole vault (7’0″), Lily Smith ’11 winning in the discus throw with a personal best of 79’2″, Emeline Ferguson ’11 who surprised herself and placed first in the 100m high hurdles (21.7), CeCe Jackson ’10 was the winner of the 1500m with a season best 6:01.21. A new addition to our team, Ashley Hellstrom ’11 grabbed a second place in the 300 hurdles (59.21) and Tierra Williams ’10 took third in the shot put (24’7″). Men’s highlights included Kenton Powell ’10, winning the men’s shot put (45’8″) and the long jump (18’8½”). Chris Moulton ’12 who set another personal record of 153’6″ as winner of the javelin. Teammate Justin Castor ’11 took second in the javelin with a throw of 129’3″. Dexter Jenks ’10 took second in the pole vault (8′ 0″), Wes Freston ’11 grabbed points for us in the 100m, placing second (11.57). Jonah Alexander ’12 placed second with a high jump of 5’4″. In a very competitive distance event, Ryan Sunshine ’12 took second place in the 3000m with a personal best time of 10:31.21. It truly was a super day for our track team.
  • Strengths and Challenges – Faculty evaluations were held on Wednesday. Contrary to what one may think, this is not an opportunity for our faculty to evaluate students, but rather an open forum for students to evaluate their teachers. Each spring students have the opportunity to speak candidly, giving teachers positive feedback as well as constructive ideas on what they may do differently in their teaching. This provides teachers with extremely valuable insights into ways to change, improve or remain consistent in their teaching. The face-to-face feedback also helps the students in their own development and self image as young adults who can communicate respectively and constructively to other adults.
  • The Last Honors and Warnings of the Year – The Academic Honor Guard was named this week, based on Honors/ Warnings evaluations done with students in each of their classes. The following are students who have earned the privilege to study in the Mansion or library during study hall based on consistent exemplary class work. Students who received five honors and no warnings this period are Ryan Braun ’12, Theodore Cercos ’11, Olivia Chance ’10, Yan Chen ’12, Sung Yun Chung ’13, Ryan Connolly ’11, Erin Fonseca ’10, Barry Gao ’11, Scout Gauld ’10, Paxton Hansard ’12, Brittany Hardin ’10, Brittney Harris ’10, Alexander Hays ’11, Alex Needham ’10, Hailun Ni ’10, Maeve O’Sullivan ’10, Catherine Vidal Bouret ’11 and Shannon Vize ’10. Students who received four honors, one transition and no warnings are James Allen ’10, Aneth Batamuliza ’11, Kurt Chessman ’10, Jheanelle Duhaney ’10, James Frazier ’11, Johnny Fu ’12, Nic Hartley ’10, Julia Herman ’10, Wonseo Huh ’11, Ross Klumac ’12 and Hannah MacMillan ’10.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • We are family! – Over the weekend, Hyde Woodstock brought together students, faculty and families to participate in that special brand of Hyde magic known as “Family Weekend.” The student body set the tone for a weekend filled with class rotations, athletic contests, family seminars, workshops and powerful community meetings. The major struggle of the weekend was negotiating the poor sound quality in the theater. Again, parents stepped up to help with that. Students shared some of the “take home” of the weekend:

I learned that my Mom has faced many of the same challenges in her life that I am going through and she helped me move forward.”

I was able to start talking to my older sister in a new way.”

My parents came together for the first time since their divorce. I was thrilled with their ever-growing progress.”

My Dad came up and we reinforced our relationship. We also laid out what we expected of each other over the summer and we had a great weekend overall.”

I learned that our family can all come together and face the challenges as they come.”

  • Junior to Junior – This week, our sister school in Washington, DC came for a junior exchange where the focus was on leadership development and preparation for the Hyde senior year. Some of the activities that we did together included: team building, trust walks, story telling, performing arts, a confrontation workshop, public speaking and ethics class. At the final debrief, everyone spoke about what we learned from each other and how we can take our new view of self back to both DC and to the Woodstock campus. Friendships were formed and a stronger commitment developed to continue our partnership with Hyde-DC. As one student said, “I came expecting that I would be an outsider but I felt welcomed and we are more alike than we are different.” Hyde is an organization that has both a private and a public vision of education and this week showed us all why that is so important.
  • May I have this dance? – On Thursday night, seniors and their dates loaded the infamous Woodstock bus to travel to Lord Thompson Manor for the prom. Limos and exclusive groupings were replaced with a beautiful mansion setting where the students and faculty dined on amazing food and danced the night away, along with some renditions of the school song and favorite Hyde sayings. Earlier that afternoon, there was some activity in the Dean’s area and several students were suddenly left without escorts. In true Hyde fashion, tuxedos were borrowed and we turned an obstacle into an opportunity. Prom organizers Susie Racine and Sue Schofield commented that this was the best prom atmosphere that they have seen in many years. The conversation of the week for me was a discussion with Jasmine Staley ’10 upon her return to campus a few days ago regarding her new hairdo. “Is that real?” I asked. “It’s human,” she replied. “Is it yours?” She didn’t miss a beat. “I paid for it. It’s mine now.” LDG/DM

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