Hyde Weekly 3/29 – 4/2

Bath Highlights:

  • The One Thing- This week in Discovery Groups, students and faculty discussed the concept of committing to ‘one thing’ that they can do every day for the spring term. Introduced by Hyde president Malcolm Gauld many years ago, the ‘one thing’ is something a student, teacher (or parent) will do each day, not try to do. The ‘one thing’ activity both encourages the community to work together toward positive outcomes and creates a sense of personal rigor. All ‘one thing’ statements were written on note cards, and will be posted in the academic wing. Examples of student and faculty ‘one things’ include picking up three pieces of trash, having a conversation with someone new and journaling before bed every night.
  • Tennis Team Kicks off Spring Competitions- The wet spring hasn’t stopped our athletes. Though the turf field is still under construction, the lacrosse and track teams have been working outdoors to prepare for competitions beginning this weekend. Leading the way, the tennis team had their first match on Wednesday, getting nudged out by Berwick Academy 3-2. Ryan Connolly ’11 made a lot of great shots, but missed many key points that could have resulted in won games. With his competitive attitude and willingness to work hard, we can expect great things this season. Jun Ho Ra’s ’11 young opponent often had trouble with Jun Ho’s strong serve, but made some adjustments and was able to capitalize on Jun Ho’s rusty backhand. Sage Harris ’11 won her match. She did a nice job of keeping the ball in play and as a result, won many points from unforced errors by her opponent. Ted Cercos ’11 and Kayla Sheldon ’11 played an eight game pro-set due to time constraints and worked well together for their first win. Luke Locatell and Alex Merkin battled through the first set of their match, going to deuce frequently, but ultimately lost.
  • More College Acceptances- It is that time of year, when the hard work that many seniors have undertaken-starting last spring with the creation of their college list, then essay writing, college visits and editing of resumes in the summer, followed by more essay writing, studying for SAT and subject tests in the fall, and finally sending off the applications-is rewarded with college acceptances. Members of this year’s senior class have so far been accepted to many outstanding institutions including smaller New England liberal arts schools such as Bates College, Bowdoin College and Mount Holyoke College as well as mid-Atlantic schools including George Mason University, George Washington University and Gettysburg College. Our large university choices include University of California-San Diego, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of South Carolina, University of Vermont and University of New Hampshire. Congratulations seniors!
  • On Friday, Mr. Levesque’s AP U.S. History class competed in Presidential Madness. Students were each assigned a president and spoke from that person’s viewpoint on issues relevant to his term in office. This debate style tournament matched presidents against one another in four rounds of single elimination debating. Debates are wrapping up today, with the final champion to be determined on Monday.

Woodstock Highlights:

  • Passover at Hyde – On Monday night, fourteen students, faculty and staff gathered at the Head of School’s house to share in the preparation and traditional Seder. Faculty member Meara Palmer-Young did most of the delicious cooking and seniors Erica Fagien, Simi DeAngelis, Maddy Schley, Nora Curran and Craig Levine took the lead in the evening. Freshman Evan Berger got his grandmother on the phone and sang a Yiddish song to the group. Assistant Dean Linda McGuire said, “The meal is filled with ritual and tradition and we were able to bring that here along with new traditions.” The nurse Cheryl Champ sent an email, “I have always been so very proud of all that we do in regards to the “Character Education” that Hyde is known for. Last night I attended my first ever “student conducted Seder,” and all I can say is that it was outstanding. The spirit of Passover was very much conveyed, further filling my heart with affection for the students who are entrusted to us.”
  • Know Yourself/Be Yourself – This week, we worked with 130 seventh graders from the Woodstock Middle School to participate in our fourth annual Know Yourself/Be Yourself program. Forty Hyde students and several faculty members put the students through team building, skits, discussions on bullying and sharing each other’s highest vision. The campus was alive with shouts, laughter, high fives and serious faces huddled in small groups to share inner thoughts. Family Education Director Donna Dubinsky told the Hyde students, “I couldn’t have been more proud of you all today. You really made a difference in those kids in a very short time.” The seventh graders stood and expressed their excitement about the new relationships that they had formed. Jill Walter, Guidance Counselor for WMS said in an email, “Please let your students and staff know how much we appreciate all their hard work and effort with the program.” Another teacher spoke to me after the workshop and said, “Your students were able to get kids to talk about things in two hours that we have tried all year to achieve!”
  • Say it loud and Say it Proud! – This week’s meeting began with students and faculty sharing thoughts from three areas: Where are we struggling? Where are we on top of our game? Where are we finding pure joy? We then went to our annual class mottos, a Woodstock ritual where each group takes a few minutes to capture their class’ essence through a phrase. Some favorites from the past were “Save the drama for your mama!” and “You’ll thank us later!” This year’s mottos are:

Freshmen – “The future of Hyde!”

Sophomore – “Life- Bring it!”

Juniors – “Working hard 24/7; watch out we’re taking over; Class of 2011”

Seniors- “Our legacy will be left behind; take these words as a sign!”

Faculty – “Come on Baby!” (Ode to Tom Bragg)