Hyde Weekly 3/22 – 3/26

Bath Highlights:

  • Winter Term Academic Awards

Math – Most Valuable Learner – Erin Fonseca (Honorable mentions: Nic Hartley, Julia Herman, James Frazier); Most Improved Learner – Barbie Gimbel (Honorable mentions: Alex Needham, Barry Gao)

Language – Most Valuable Learner – Ted Cercos (Honorable mentions: Jon Levitt, Jan-Christian Damon); Most Improved Learner – Alex Hays (Honorable mentions: Cece Jackson, Gabi Harvie)

English – Most Valuable Learner – Olivia Chance (Honorable mentions: Jun Ho Ra, Alex Hays); Most Improved Learner – Cody Vickery (Honorable mentions: Mali Perry, Robbie Palmer, John Garvey)

Science – Most Valuable Learner – Hannah MacMillan (Honorable mentions: Kurt Chessman, Rachel de Molina); Most Improved Learner – Dexter Jenks (Honorable mentions: Luke Locatell, Athena Liao, Courtney Durepo)

History – Most Valuable Learner – Scout Gauld (Honorable mentions: Ryan Connolly, Yunni Chung); Most Improved Learner – Cole Shapiro (Honorable mentions: Adair Dickerson, Alyssa Thomas, Grace Richards)

Arts – Most Valuable Learner – Tyler Works (Honorable mentions: Zach Pfosi, Emilie Rose, Jane Miller); Most Improved Learner – Jessica Smith (Honorable mentions: Adair Dickerson, Max Warchol, Jesse Briata)

  • Hyde-DC visits- The senior class from the Hyde Leadership Public Charter School arrived on Tuesday morning ready to make new friendships and experience Hyde from a different perspective. The Bath and DC seniors participated in a retreat experience centered on leadership; they attended classes together and the DC contingents watched and helped critique a run through of our upcoming performing arts show. D’Eric Robinson ’10 from Hyde-DC said of the experience, “People here are really welcoming. It’s relaxing and fun!” His mentor, Mike Ingalls ’10, said in the final meeting, “It was great to get to know you, D’Eric, and hear you share your life experiences. I learned a lot.”
  • Lax pre-season- A group of men’s lacrosse players returned to campus early to get a jump on the upcoming season. Following a couple of days of drills and conditioning inside the Bath field house, coaches and players headed to the Woodstock campus to join their counterparts who were also back early for pre-season. The effort and dedication of the players is showing early returns as enthusiasm and optimism are running high.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • We’re Back! – Bath athletes joined the Woodstock men’s lacrosse team and the track & field team for a pre-season that felt more like summer. Hitting the track and turf for double sessions and evening team building helped start the teams off on a productive and fun foundation. Athletes will meet for competition in a few short weeks when the teams come head-to-head during Spring Family Weekend.
  • Hyde-DC – Woodstock students Sarah Kesselbrenner ’10, Nasir Ibrahim ’12, and Dan Swanson ’11 joined Head of School Laura Gauld for a three-day visit with the Hyde Leadership Public Charter School where the students participated in classes, student meetings and a parent night. As Laura Gauld said, “Talking with the parents brought me back to eleven years ago when the school was first started. It was so great to connect with old and new Hyde folks.” Nasir shared his thoughts back at the Woodstock morning meeting, “Going to the DC school was the highlight of my year. I got so much out of it and learned a lot about myself.” The group was also hosted by the Kakouris family, whose son Stephen graduated from Bath last year, at the Cyprus Embassy. Thanks to Admissions consultant Peter Mason who helped set up the trip. Woodstock looks forward to hosting the junior class from DC this spring.
  • Classroom Training – Faculty took Monday to focus on best practices of teaching in our on-going development process. Teachers tested and modeled both the attitudes and skills needed in diverse experiences. Believing that we are educators in all parts of the daily schedule, workshop activities included the traditional classroom, dorm life, performing arts, athletics and family education. We’re looking ahead to Spring Family Weekend to highlight our Performing Arts Show. Students worked hard all winter and resumed the effort this week in three separate sessions of song and dance. LDG/DM

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