Hyde Weekly 2/27 – 3/5

Bath Highlights:

  • Effort in the Classroom– Hyde English teacher Kirstie Truluck will be a presenter this weekend at the national conference for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) in San Antonio, TX. Truluck, and collaborator Susan Young, will share Hyde’s understanding about the implications of assessing attitude in their presentation titled Measuring What Matters Most: Learning Dispositions for Student Success. “There is research out there to support what Hyde intuitively understands, so we will fuse our experiential knowledge with current educational research,” says Truluck.
  • Senior Authors- Each of the senior English classes presented an anthology of their collective written work this week. Complete with an original cover design, biographical information on each author, and reflections on their views on the writing process, each anthology includes an essay written by each senior. The essays cover topics such as “Airport Customs” by Robert Outerbridge to the “Magic of Movies” by Idaho Ketcham to “Beautiful Brown” by Tierra Williams.
  • Winter Athletic Recognition- As a community, we took time after exams had been completed to honor our efforts this winter on the court, the track, the mat, the dance floor and in the pool. The dance team was showcased Thursday night as they performed fourteen original pieces for the school community. While all of the dancers worked hard during the winter months, Erin Fonseca ’10 received special recognition as the MVP of the dance team while Eddie Brewer ’12, was honored as the MIP of the team. The following is the list of the rest of the MIP and MVP honorees as well as notable accomplishments from post-season contests:


MVP – Won Ho Chang ’10; MIP – Sophia Raftopoulos ’12

The men’s swim team capped an outstanding season at the New England Championships last weekend. Erik Peterson’11, James Frazier ’11, Kevin Ou ’11 and Won Ho Chang ’10 took first place in the 200 yard freestyle relay with an outstanding time of 1:34.06. Won Ho also set a meet and pool record in winning the 100 yard Butterfly with a time of 49.92. The women’s swim team was led by Mariel Frost ’10 who was the lone qualifier for the Class B Women’s State Swim Meet. At the meet, Mariel lowered her seed time by 1.6 seconds in the 200 freestyle and had a personal best for the season in the event.



MIP – Alex DeMarco ’12

MVP – Nico Eceizabarrena Figueroa ’10

Goodrich Award- Zoë Dorian ’10

Junior Varsity

MIP – Barry Gao ’11

MVP – Sol Melendy ’10

A long wrestling season ended for most of the varsity wrestlers at the New England Championships. In the end, Mike Ingalls ’10 walked away with a hard fought 2nd place in the 189 weight class. At the All State Tournament for women wrestlers, Zoë Dorian ’10 won her weight class, becoming a two-time state champion.

Another group of wrestlers wrapped up their season last weekend at the Junior Varsity New England Tournament. Cody Vickery ’10 came home a champion! Other standouts at the tournament included Wonseo Huh ’11 (2nd place), Alex DeMarco ’12 (2nd place), Chip Wohlstetter ’11 (2nd place) as well as Barry Gao ’11, Nat Abernethy ’11, Ryan Sunshine ’12, Richard Stites ’11, Adair Dickerson ’11 and Alex Biedermann ’11, all of whom earned third place finishes.


Women’s Varsity:

MIP- Scout Gauld ’10

MVP- Alyssa Thomas ’11

Women’s JV:

MIP – Jane Miller ’11

MVP- Aneth Batamuliza ’11

While there was not any post-season action for the women’s varsity team, their late season win against Old Orchard Beach was, in the words of Athletic Director Peter Gregory, “The most inspirational contest I have seen all year.”

Men’s Varsity

MIP- Alex Needham ’10

MVP- Ted Cercos ’11

Men’s JV

MIP- Nero Chai ’11

MVP-Ryan Connolly ’11

The men’s varsity team made it to the state tournament in Augusta, winning their first round game, but not being able to get by top-seeded Richmond in the semifinals. Their effort, composure, and teamwork on the court during those games inspired the entire school.

Indoor Track:

MVP – Hannah MacMillan ’10; MIP – Robin Platte ’10

While there is no league or regional championship to attend, the indoor track athletes can be proud with the many personal records attained by each of them during the course of the season, including Robin Platte ’10 with a high jump best of 4 feet 8 inches and Kenton Powell ’10, putting the shot a distance of forty-four feet.

Woodstock Highlights:

  • Wolf Pack Blue Man Group – For years, Hyde Bath has been known for their outstanding fans at basketball games. This week, the Wolf Pack marked a new level of excellence in that category. A hearty band of brothers on the JV basketball team played an outstanding game against Deerfield Academy where they started off the contest down by 14 points and were 8 points ahead at the buzzer. It was one of the most exciting contests seen this year in the Hyde gym. After the JV game, that core group painted themselves blue and ran back into the gym to cheer on the varsity. It provided the inspiration to ignite the Wolf Pack and soon Will Sobo ’10 created a drum out of an upside down bucket. Not to be outdone by the men, Ally Dubinsky ’10 and Sarah Hafey ’11 joined in to rally the troops. On Monday, the cheering continued as the varsity men took the SENE championships against St. Andrews. The Blue Man Group’s charter members include: Brian Sanz ’11, Ben Lieber ’12, Alex Pepino ’11, Rudwan Bakhsh ’11, Scott McNeil ’11 and Mac McGuire ’11. Go Wolf Pack!
  • Hyde moment – Character has been defined as the actions one takes when no one is looking. This week, we were reminded of that and inspired by learning of one student’s actions when no one was watching. John Masland ’10 was working hard to come back from some earlier struggles. At the JV New England wrestling tournament, he was in the final match to determine third place and was losing by one point. Events took a turn when his opponent was injured and unable to compete. Because of this, John won by default and John received the third place medal. Unbeknownst to any adults, John went up to his opponent and handed him his medal, acknowledging that it belonged to the other wrestler. Another senior witnessed this and shared it with the school saying, “I think this is the definition of a class act.”
  • Term wrap-up – We have all worked hard this winter but this last week was all about the final push. Finals turned the campus into a beehive of study groups, papers and last minute project completions. Thursday night, the school gathered to share athletic awards for the semester. Athletic Director Sean Saucier congratulated the school on earning back the President’s Cup and developing a learning attitude which came from each obstacle. The following were the individual awards.


Women’s Varsity:

MVP – Haruka Koda ’10

MVP – Margaret Ann Regnery ’10

Women’s JV:

MIP – Caitlin Barrett ’10

MIP – Laura Dosch ’11

Men’s Varsity:

MVP – Dion Richardson ’10

MIP – Michael Cannon ’11

MIP – Jumah Sutton ’11

Men’s JV:

MVP – Kyle Freitag ’10

MVP – Noah Bell ’11

Men’s 3rds

MVP – Scott Connolly ’11

MIP – Matthew Williams ’11



MIP – Marcos Mercado ’13

MIP – Jake Schuster ’10

Junior Varsity:

MIP – Matthew Wysocki ’13

MIP – Addison Wheat ’11


MVP – Katie Smith ’12

MIP – Allie Budd ’10


MVP – Zach Rosenbaum ’10

MVP – Nora Curran ’10