Hyde-Brooklyn – Our Newest Field of Dreams

Dr. Sandra J. DuPree is building it and she can’t wait to see 66 Kindergartners, 66 first-graders and their families learning to be a Hyde community when the doors open next fall. Dr. DuPree oversaw the process, initiated by the Hyde Foundation, of writing an application for a Hyde charter school in Brooklyn, New York. The application was submitted in October 2009 and the team was notified of the acceptance of the application in January 2010. The school will open with kindergarten and first grade, and in five years the school will enroll 396 students kindergarten through 5th grade.

Dr. DuPree will serve as the Executive Director of Hyde-Brooklyn. She is well-equipped to lead Hyde-Brooklyn from her experience as the Director of Elementary School at Hyde-DC, as well as her years of teaching and consulting to education at all levels. Dr. DuPree has been a member of the Hyde Foundation team for two years. “I believe that educating students using the Hyde process builds a unique strength in our students. We are able to build a strong educational foundation in an environment that nurtures, supports and challenges students and families to achieve and excel”.

Dr. DuPree is building a leadership team and a staff that will engage deeply in creating and maintaining a character culture. “The adults in the process,” Dr. DuPree added, “must be as engaged in the question of their own unique potential as the students. It doesn’t work any other way.”

The school will be in a building that is provided by the New York Department of Education and has yet to be confirmed. The school has been assigned to Community School District 19 which gives Dr. DuPree and her staff a starting place for recruiting families. “When you start a new school, a lot of effort goes into informing the community about new opportunities. We are visiting pre-schools and community centers, as well as attending education fairs and community meetings. We are vigorously working with the community to connect with families of young children.”

Hyde-Brooklyn is the second Hyde charter school opened in New York City. Hyde-Bronx opened its doors in 2006 with kindergarten and sixth grade; it now spans grades K – 3, 6 – 9 and will grow to include K – 12. Hyde-Brooklyn is a replication of the successful Bronx school which has a parent approval rate of 95 percent based on the NYC Department of Education Learning Environment Survey.

For more information you can contact Dr. DuPree at sdupree@hydebrooklyn.org.