Hyde School Cultural Celebration a Rousing Success

Last weekend the theater at Hyde School in Bath, Maine, was the venue for a memorable celebration of world cultures. In what has become a winter tradition, this year’s Cultural Heritage Celebration had audience members on their feet, cheering on students from Canada, China, England, Haiti, Korea, Rwanda, Spain, and the United States.

Students from the Public Speaking& Performance Arts class, taught by Carolyn J. Smith, conceptualized and held auditions for the show, which is in its third year. Along with the students, faculty members Colin Foye and Smith also contributed rousing traditional Irish songs to the cultural event.

Highlights of the show: two numbers by Hyde-Bath’s Jazz Band, a demonstration of nun chakas by Chen Chai ’11 (to the music of Jabberwocky), the famous Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First?” routine by Cody Vikery ’10 and Nic Hartley ’10, a Tai Chi demonstration by Wenkai Ou ’11, the Dance of the Peacock by YingYing Tan ’11, and a soulful love song by the Korean trio of YC Lee ’12, Wonseo Huh ’11 and Hyang Sub Lim ’13.

The finale featured a stunning Ribbon Dance by four members of the visiting Lotus Dance of Portland and a “It’s a Small World” sung by the entire cast and enthusiastic audience members.

Mrs. Smith commented, “I was thrilled when the entire student body asked if they could come down on stage and sing in celebration of our increasingly small world.”

Check out these photos from the event, and stay tuned for video!