Hyde School Wrestlers Ready to Hit The Mat

Bath, ME—On February 19, three Hyde School wrestlers will hit the mat at Lexington Christian Academy for the New England Prep School Championships-seniors Zoe Dorian, Mike Ingalls, and Nico Figueroa.

In order to qualify for the New England Prep School Championships, the Phoenix varsity wrestling team had to travel to Wallingford, Connecticut, this past Saturday to compete in the Class A League Tournament, hosted by Choate-Rosemary Hall. The tournament consisted of 13 teams of the Class A New England Prep School league with championship berths on the line for the top four place finalists for each weight class.

The battle continues for the Phoenix as senior captains Zoe Dorian and Mike Ingalls look to bring home a state title along with teammate Nico Figueroa. “It’s not going to be easy, but we are going to fight until we cannot fight anymore, and hopefully we come out on top,” states Zoe.

“This is what you work for all season, for a chance to wrestle for a state championship. It makes all the hard work and practices worth it,” adds Mike Ingalls.

The Phoenix will have a week of hard practice as the focus of the team has now shifted to pushing and preparing these three individuals for the state championship. When asked how he felt about this season, Head Coach Logan Kidwell responds, “I am incredibly proud of this team and these wrestlers for their gritty performances and their serious work ethic. This group has come a long way this season and has only become stronger and more focused as the season has come to a close.”

For more information about this event and other Hyde events, contact Laura Lokitis at 207-443-7111; llokitis@hyde.edu.