Hyde Announces Exciting and Diverse Summer Opportunities & Programs

Jumpstart your summer in 2010!
Jumpstart your summer in 2010!

Got summer plans? Does summer seem too far away? Not at Hyde, where we are in the midst of planning exciting and challenging programs for summer 2010. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Do you fancy yourself a bit of a philosopher or debater?
  • Have you ever wondered what exactly the “liberal arts” is?
  • Do you wonder how bright the stars really are with the pollution of the city lights?
  • Do you want a transformative summer experience for your son or daughter?
  • Have you ever wondered if you REALLY had what it takes to give back?
  • Do you want to get a head start in having good college choices?

Check out our 2010 Summer Program Offerings. Program details and specific dates of Summer X trips to be announced by December 1st.

Contact Cindi Smith at 207-443-7101 or casmith@hyde.edu for more information.