Phoenix Ready To Soar To Augusta

Junior Ted Cercos looks to drive home a win at Augusta.
Junior Ted Cercos looks to drive home a win at Augusta.

Bath, ME–On Saturday, February 13, the Hyde Phoenix boys varsity basketball team will head to Augusta to compete in the Class D State Championship Basketball Tournament. Demonstrating a burning fire and hard work this season, the Phoenix will set flight hoping to prove they have what it takes to bring home a state title.

Students and teachers from Hyde School will also travel to the tournament to show their support and school spirit for which they are known statewide. The Phoenix will compete against Forest Hill, a team whose record lists as 13-5.

” It has been a rollercoaster ride of a season for us,” says head varsity basketball coach Ross Sanner. “But these young men are ready to fight and give it their all. Hopefully we come out on top, if not, at least we can say we tried our best.”

According to heal point standings, the Phoenix are ranked fifth, with a record of 10-4 while Forest Hill is ranked fourth in the Class D Western Region.

When asked about tournament seeding, Sanner responds: “Seeds and standings don’t matter to us. The team that plays together, puts in 100 percent effort for the entire 32 minutes, will be victorious.”