Hyde Weekly 1/23 – 1/29

Bath Highlights:

  • Stepping Back in Time- The Modern European Historians presented short speeches under the chandelier in the Mansion. Their assignment was to choose an issue related to absolutism in Europe, create a character, and present a speech from their character’s perspective. Some standouts were:

Mishy Karan ’12, speaking from the perspective of a personal assistant to Louis the XIV

Grace Richards ’12, speaking from the perspective of a gardener at the palace of Versailles

James Allen ’12, portraying a Russian worker toiling under Peter the Great

Jonah Alexander ’12, as a Russian noble who refuses to shave his beard

  • Logan Kidwell, the Modern European teacher, reflecting on all of the presentations, said, “The students did a great job matching the perspectives they took with the position and circumstances of their characters.
  • Hyde 4 Haiti Fundraiser- Wednesday afternoon the school community took time to have some fun and raise money for Haiti. A 3-on-3 basketball tournament was held with 16 teams made up of students and faculty. The eventual winning team consisted of Ted Cercos ’11, Ryan Connolly ’11 and Jonah Alexander ’12. Faculty member Mary Moore, though, earned the distinction of being the oldest player (she scored two baskets!), and probably the person who had the most fun! After the tournament, a raffle was held for various faculty services, among them a week’s worth of laundry by Claire Grant, dorm room cleaning by Bev Coleman, dinner for two by the Kidwell’s and an evening of pizza and Madden Football at Pete Gregory’s house. All totaled, just under $3,000 has been raised to support Haiti via a donation to the Red Cross.
  • When East Meets West- Hyde’s President, Malcolm Gauld, used the school meeting time this week to share the experience he had recently with some of our international parents in Korea and China. It was a great opportunity for some of the students from those countries to also share what their lives are like back home, and for the rest of us to get an idea of some of the similarities and differences between our cultures. If you missed it earlier, you can read more about Malcolm’s trip and reflections on his blog, located on the school’s website.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Inspirational Speaker – On Monday, we welcomed guest speaker Michael Austin to the campus. Mr. Austin spent 27 years in prison after being wrongly accused of murder and armed robbery. He spoke about his journey and path to self-understanding and acceptance. As he said, “While I am innocent of this charge, my life had led me to this point and I was responsible for that.” It was a powerful lesson for everyone. Comments from the community included:

He was very inspirational. He went through an incredibly hard time and still had a positive outlook on life. He holds no grudges.”

I was inspired by his ability to get beyond his anger.”

By far, the coolest guest speaker I have ever experienced in my life. He was very determined and I am so inspired that he could go through what he did and still end up a strong man.”

Mike Dawes also added, “One of his best messages was the fact that he decided to change his life while sitting in a prison cell – to become educated, to give up drugs and to develop a faith in a Higher Power. So, we have the power to change no matter what the circumstances.”

Many thanks to the Donnellan family who helped bring this amazing experience to Hyde.

  • Highs and Lows – January has been a whirlwind where we have seen glimpses of our higher and lesser selves:
    • Excitement in the halls by the college office as seniors receive news of acceptances into colleges
    • Seniors have been working on their Hyde commitments with many ready to enter the Leadership School. Their participation in Leadership School signifies that they are ready to elevate their leadership in the school.
    • Dean’s area violations surfaced this week followed by concern meetings; students and faculty address students that we are deeply concerned about.
    • The junior class did a workshop on tackling authority attitudes and how that relates to leadership. Dean Folan said, “We talked about the tension that we all have when doing the right thing is not the popular thing.”
    • Sports team starting to gel and the community excitement about Shawn Campell ’10 receiving a full scholarship to play Division One football.
    • The whole community united in an effort to raise money for the Habitat efforts. Our dress code has definitely suffered for this good cause!
  • Only @ Hyde – Every week, we discuss student growth. Where have been the breakthrough moments and where have been the concerns? It is a Hyde tradition to “know every student.” This week, we also added the category, “Where have we seen parent growth?” It was exciting to hear about so many parents who have embraced the family program. In the next two weeks, we will welcome parents to both campuses for Parent Academy. Woodstock coordinator Judy Hendrickson said, “Four years ago, I was fearful of the ‘I’m too busy’ response I might receive. There is such an amazing energy on this campus during Parent Academy. We have some great offerings this year.”

They include defense training, money management, yoga, knitting, landscape painting, business and many more. Please consider joining us!

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Here’s to good thoughts for Groundhog Day! LDG/DM