Attention Parents…They’re Just Rebelling

Five things I hear from parents on a consistent basis:

  1. Why don’t they care?
  2. Don’t they know that the choices they make now will impact their futures?
  3. Don’t they know that what they do now is shaping who they will one day become?
  4. Do they understand that the grades they receive now will be scrutinized by college admissions offices?
  5. Does it matter to them that if they don’t get into a good college they may not get a good job, and if they don’t get a good job they might not be able to support a family, and then they will be destined to live a lonely life, filled with unhappiness?

Yikes! So many parents are struggling with rebellious teenagers who just don’t seem to care. But here’s a little secret—come closer—listen —THEY DO CARE! A few things get in the way:

  1. BEING COOL: It is not cool to care! In our youth culture today it is not that cool to be worried about your future. It is cool to chill. we like to chill ourselves, and some of us stopped being cool a long time ago, and we’re okay with that.
  2. SELF-ESTEEM: The kids who try the least care the most! If a child believes in himself, nine times out of ten that child will try.
  3. YOU: If you worry more about your kids problems than your kids do, they don’t have to!

Teenagers care, they care about their futures, about their friends, their successes and failures, their lives, and their families. Try to connect with your kids and respect the fact that they are figuring themselves out. Let them know that their struggles are their own and that you believe in them and their ability to overcome. Let them know that they can ask for help anytime and that they are always accountable for their actions.

Remember that they do care.

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