Hyde Weekly 1/4 – 1/8

Bath Highlights:

  • Song Writer’s Workshop- This annual event brings together students from Bath, Woodstock, and for the first time this year three students from local area high schools to work with professional song writers and performers. Hyde is blessed with a rich array of musical talent in its alumni, alumni parents and other Hyde friends. These folks donate their time to help the students craft lyrics, put their words to music and perform their songs. The students and their mentors will be featured on “207,” a nightly television show highlighting aspects of Maine, will sing live at a local radio station, and will perform in the Frontier Theater in Brunswick, Maine on Saturday night.
  • Class Meetings- Instead of a school meeting this week, we kicked off the New Year by meeting in classes. The seniors discussed ‘standards of personal excellence,’ which is the Hyde Diploma benchmark, and how they connect to their unique potential. Senior class advisor Claire Grant said afterwards, “It was very encouraging to hear them reflect on their relationship with their own conscience, and move beyond the expectations of Hyde and home to discover their own integrity and best self.”
  • The junior class, in preparation for their imminent role as seniors, reviewed the three designations for a Hyde graduation (document, certificate and diploma) and what each means, discussed what they believe the expectations are for a senior, and finally each junior declared his/her commitment to graduating from Hyde next year.
  • The sophomores and freshmen met as one group and talked about “the one thing.” The one thing is short for, “The one thing I will do, not try to do, each day.” They each made a commitment to do their one thing for the next couple of months. Some examples included:

“Set time to be alone to reflect 15 minutes per day.”

“Check with someone every night regarding homework.”

“Check in with roommate on academics.”

  • Re-ignition – The general feel on campus this week is a bit like starting up a cold car (an apt metaphor for January!). Some students are off to a slow start in terms of dorm room standards, study hall rigor and meeting some of the other basics. As we talked about in the faculty meeting today, though, it serves as an opportunity to work with the seniors and each other to continue to build our school culture.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Faculty Development – While the students were traveling back to campus, the faculty participated in a day-long workshop which included exercises from the FLC and then worked on our accreditation self-study. A benchmark of teacher training at Hyde is the commitment to embody the Hyde principles both professionally and personally. One of the exercises had each faculty talking about three defining moments or relationships in their life and the lessons learned. Some of the comments from faculty were:

I learned something new even from the faculty that I have worked with for years.”

I have a new found respect for each person who shared their successes and failures.”

We have a great team that I am proud to be a part of.”

  • Ice, Ice, Baby! – This week, we unveiled the latest addition to winter fun with the transformation of the field behind the Cultural Center becoming a 50 X 100 skating rink! Thanks to the family of Scott Connolly ’11, the community will enjoy the pure fun of skating; playing hockey games and watching the more skilled skaters twirl around the ice. Associate Head Bob Felt knighted faculty member Bill Fabiano as the Dean of Skating and told the crowd, “This is going to be a great community builder and will give Mr. Fabiano the opportunity to live his past glory.”
  • Life long journey – The school also welcomed back recent alums with the traditional winter alumni weekend. Over twenty-five alums traveled back and shared their life beyond Hyde and reconnected with faculty and students. A group of alumni met with the seniors to talk about the challenges of the senior year and then did a panel discussion with the entire school on the relevancy of the Hyde education. Dinner at the Head’s house and smaller gatherings throughout the weekend brought a spark to the campus. Great to see everyone! These returning alums had a number of comments regarding what they learned from Hyde. They included:

Brittany Cummings ’08 – “The knowledge that no matter how hard I fall, I have the inner strength to pick myself up again.”

Morgan Kemp ’08 – “Even if I can’t see the path, as long as I am going in the right direction and think positive, everything will be fine.”

“Brett Bistrian ’09 – Be a leader to family and friends and help others.” LDG/DM

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