Hyde Weekly 12/12 – 12/18

Bath Highlights:

  • Senior Soliloquies- Each senior presented an original 20 line soliloquy under the chandelier in the Mansion as part of their study of Shakespeare. After studying the power and purpose of Shakespeare’s soliloquies, all seniors wrote and performed soliloquies expressing a moment of conflict in the “play” of their life. Twelve seniors were selected to perform for the entire community at the school meeting on Thursday. Those seniors were: Robert Outerbridge, Nic Hartley, Erin Fonseca, Britt Hardin, Tierra Williams, Mariel Frost, Cody Vickery, Dexter Jenks, Alex Needham, Robin Platte, Jheanelle Duhaney and Cole Shapiro. Brief excerpts are available at the following link with full versions of the performances due to be posted in January: //www.hyde.edu/2009/12/15/news/senior-soliloquies/ .
  • Early College Acceptances- A number of seniors received word regarding their applications during the past two weeks as colleges made acceptances on early decision and early action files. Congratulations to the following seniors: Olivia Chance-Mount Holyoke College; Zoe Dorian-George Washington University; Scout Gauld-College of Charleston; Brittany Hardin-Florida State University, University of North Carolina, University of New Hampshire, Colorado State University, Washington State University, Evergreen State College; Nic Hartley-Florida Atlantic University; Alex Merkin-Rutgers University; Hailun Ni-Stanford University; Maeve O’Sullivan-University of Maine-Farmington, Robin Platte-University of New Hampshire, University of South Carolina, Niagara University; Matt Seiple-Northern Arizona University; Shannon Vize-University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
  • Community Service at Winship Green- As we hustle through our busy days at school, it is easy to miss a group of students who have volunteered to spend some of their free-time each week visiting the residents at the Winship Green Nursing Home in Bath. Having had the privilege of driving the students this week to and from the nursing home, it was clear to me that whatever service our students were providing was more than matched by what they received. Although they do not seek recognition for their efforts, the following students deserve it: Hannah Rhea, Jesse Briata, Maeve O’Sullivan, Mariel Frost, Olivia Chance, Emma Falkingburg, Jessica Smith, Charlotte Scott, Gage Hackett, Pat Serra and Jheanelle Duhaney.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Class retreats – Following our themes for this term of Curiosity, Connection and Community, the busy time between the two breaks was filled with memorable moments; a wrestle-off watched by everyone in the gym, a holiday drama performance, Forrest Smith‘s tenacity in his heavy-weight match against Suffield Academy, women’s varsity pulling out a victory, class project presentations and everything else that comes in a busy Hyde day. On Monday, each class spent a day in a retreat experience to strengthen class unity. Activities included:

Freshmen – Team building was followed by evaluation of strengths and challenges.

Sophomores – A discussion of the concept of “underdog” followed by the movie, Rudy led the group to have individual evaluations.

Juniors- Recent current events that focused on ethical decisions were discussed and debated.

Seniors – The group did a leadership obstacle course finished off with a bowling outing.

  • Learners and Leaders – Hyde-Woodstock officially kicked off its Leaders and Learners program. Started in Hyde-Bath, students and teachers explore academics and leadership through expert speakers. This week, we welcomed Professor John Peacock, father of Sean Peacock ’10. Mr. Peacock discovered his own previously unknown Indian heritage while teaching in the field. Allie Dubinsky ’10 stated, “You’ve made me realize how important our relationship with nature and each other is.” He also spoke to the school at a Morning Meeting about his Indian heritage and his journey since finding out about his family. His words were powerful to all of us, “Hang onto your heritage as it will die without constant attention and willingness to pass it on.” Students leading the program include, Adam Ben-Hanania ’11, Michael Cannon ’11, Nora Curran ’10, Allison Dubinsky ’10, Abinasir Ibrahim ’12, Kun Il Kim ’11, and Mac McGuire ’11.
  • Academic Honors – We wrapped up the short term with a delicious holiday sit down dinner by Dining Director Michael Stone and our new executive Chef “Mo” Kenney. The school then gathered in the theater to celebrate the academic growth and achievements of the student body. The following students were acknowledged as risk-takers, leaders and role models in the learning process. Grade 9 awards for Most Outstanding were given to Matt Wysocki (English) and Evan Berger (Science). Most Improved award recipients were Jake Abelman (Language) and Mohamed Bukkar (Science and History). Grade 10 award recipients for Most Outstanding were given to Sarah Sherman (English), Bryn Nolan (Math), Nasir Ibrahim (Language), Kun Il Kim (Science) and Xu Feng (History). Most Improved awards were given to Walter Kim (English), Owen Knapp (Math), Chris Hershberg (Language), Ben Lieber (Science) and Owen Knapp (History). Grade 11 awards were presented to Most Outstanding…Carly Cotnoir (English), Mike Cannon (Math), John Stantial (Language) Adam Ben-Hanania (Science) and Nick Sackman (History). Most Improved awards went to Alex Pahlavi (English), Pat Donnellan (Math), Bailey Bloom (Language), Hope Eldridge (Science) and Sarah DeNunzio (History). Most Improved awards went to George Hammond (English) and Jabon Chubbuck (History). Grade 12 Most Oustanding awards were presented to Allie Dubinsky (English), Margaret Ann Regnery (Math), Allie Budd (Language) Simi DeAngelis (Language), Nora Curran (History) and Blake Bohls (Studio Art). Most Improved award recipients were Ari Goldman (English), Caitlin Yablonski (Math), Kyle Freitag (Language), Gage Verronneau (Science), Amanda Ashe (History) and Tom Tarricone (Studio Art). Most Improved award recipients were Craig Levine (English), Sarah Trager (Math), Dion Richardson (Science) and Haruka Koda (Studio Art).

The line of the week for me was Craig Levine ’10, who shared his personal motto during the senior retreat. “You can’t miss a shot you don’t take.” As we head into a holiday break that is all about the concept of believing and family, have no regrets about going the extra mile with our families and our communities. See you all in 2010! LDG/DM

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