Hyde Weekly: 12/5 – 12/11

Bath Highlights:

  • Hand Goal- The school meeting this week began with a viewing of the “hand goal” scored by the French national team that prevented Ireland from qualifying for the World Cup. As a school, we discussed the different viewpoints that emerged from this controversy: “It’s part of the game; no big deal” to “The ref is responsible for enforcing the rules, not the players” to “It is a hollow victory.” Rather than simply defend a position on the hand goal, we tried to critically explore what is one’s obligation to behave ethically in a class, on a team or as part of a community. The take away from the meeting was the phrase: “Character is what you do when no one is looking,” even an athletic referee.
  • Time to talk- On Tuesday, seniors and faculty used a portion of the faculty meeting time to converse with one another. The group was asked to identify a person for whom they had a positive comment, a person for whom they had a concern and a third person with whom they wanted to catch up. The Mansion was a buzz with chatter, as much needed conversations took place. Feedback following the activity included, “We should do this more often” and “I was surprised at how little time it takes to say what I need to say.”
  • Salvation Army Dinner- In what has become an annual tradition, Hyde will be the site for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Dinner for local families in need of a helping hand this time of year. Students, faculty and staff will spend Saturday decorating the dining hall and preparing the campus for visitors while the kitchen staff prepares a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. When the 30+ families arrive, students serve as greeters and hosts, and some lucky ones even get to be elves. It is a great way to give back to our Bath community and is a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn the joy and fulfillment that comes with service to others.
  • Hyde Student Video on the Web: Check out the video by Yunny Chung ’13, at the address below. The video is part of an on-line contest and you can help Yunny climb in the ratings by voting for her “masterpiece.”


Woodstock Highlights:

  • Bronx visit – Fifteen families and four faculty members from the Hyde School in the Bronx arrived on the Woodstock campus Friday afternoon to do a Family Learning Center. The participants were open and showed much humility in their sharing and their willingness to practice Brother’s Keeper with the self-discovery process. It was hard for them to leave and hard for us to say goodbye to them, as strong bonds were formed between everyone. Thanks to Woodstock students Marcos Mercado ’13, Zach Rosenbaum ’10, Jasmine Staley ’10 and Jabon Chubbuck ’11 who translated, mentored and set a great example for their younger Hyde friends. The quote of the weekend came from Jimmy, a 7th grader as he entered his seminar room on Saturday morning for the second session of the FLC. He casually said, “Haven’t we discovered enough about ourselves already?”
  • Discovery Group retreat – Monday, the Discovery Groups spend most of the day together and worked on their community service projects. Also on the agenda was the Hyde tradition of the audition. Each student and faculty member sang a solo in front of their group and individuals who took the greatest risk were selected to serenade the entire school. During the day, the school gathered to address some issues in the school which led to some students clearing their conscience about ethical violations. As Associate Head Bob Felt said to the school, “Your mistake or poor choice is secondary to the way you handle addressing that mistake. Nothing is more important than telling the truth.” All in all, a day of learning for the school.
  • Wolf Pack wrestling season begins!The Hyde-Woodstock varsity wrestlers faced off this past Saturday in a quad-meet against Williston, Hopkins, and Suffield. We opened against Williston and found that even with very little experience on our side, the tenacity and athleticism carried us to a spectacular season opener. Owen Chan ’13 earned his first win of the season, with a successful pin against WNH’s 103 lb. wrestler. Chris Hershberg ’12 also had a stunning first match which began with some comical moments, as his singlet and headgear were on incorrectly, but ended with his hand being raised after pinning his man at the 135 lb. weight class. Other pins included those of Andrew Hawk ’11 at the 189 lb. weight class and Mac McGuire ’11 at the 152 lb. weight class. A true Hyde moment was found in the match where Kevin Madigan ’11 went the distance against his opponent at the 125 lb. weight class and only lost by a single point. This persistence and physical toughness was exciting to see and I look forward to watching him develop as a wrestler. We ended with a team score of 42 to 30, defeating WNH and starting the season with a win!

Wrestling has always been the soul of the athletic program at Hyde. It symbolizes much of the lessons we work on everyday. Woodstock coach Wes Jenkins had this to say, “Wrestling is a sport that challenges the quitting voice in all of our heads. When your shoulders are nearing the mat, it would be much easier to give up and get some water and rest, rather than fight off your back and change the momentum of the match.” This applies to all of us when we hit those obstacles that taunt us to pack it in and make excuses for ourselves. As the challenges of the year start to coincide with the changing weather, there will be plenty of opportunities to test our resolve. Onward! LDG/DM