Randall (Randy) Smith

Randy Smith
Randy Smith

Campus: Bath, ME

College Experience:

  • B.A. Keene State College, Biology
    Semester abroad in Oxford, England Junior Year

Born In: Campton, NH

I Teach: Chemistry, Honors Chemistry – I am also the Head of the Science Department, Dean of the Faculty, and a Dorm Parent in Field House with my wife Katie and two kids.

I Coach: Men’s Varsity Soccer, Varsity Tennis

I Teach Curiosity: By tapping into a student’s sense of wonder, I help them learn Chemistry on a conceptual level.

Dream: Become an inventor and develop some of my million dollar ideas.

Proudest moment: The birth of our children

Biggest challenge: Being a parent

A perfect day: Breakfast on our beach up at camp. Lunch would be grandma’s grinders. Afternoon of swimming with the kids followed by fishing as a family.

My first job: Working as a research helper for the US Forest Service. Ninth grade.

Indulgence: Making my special cheese fondue, and a nice Bordeaux to share with my wife.

Favorite movie: Fandango

Favorite song: “Making Pies” by Patty Griffin

My life: Blessed, but going by too fast.

My morning: sipping coffee on the swing hanging from the maple tree, watching the dogs frolic.

Only at Hyde…can you expect someone to answer you honestly when you ask; “how’s it going?”