Hyde Weekly: 11/28 – 12/04

Bath Highlights:

  • James Roman Basketball Tournament: This weekend Hyde hosts the 22nd Annual James Roman Tournament. The eight team tournament- four men’s teams and four women’s teams- begins Friday afternoon and two champions will be crowned on Saturday. Hyde-Woodstock, Hebron Academy and Kents Hill School will join Hyde-Bath in the pools. The tournament honors the memory and life of James Roman, a Hyde student and basketball player who collapsed and died suddenly while playing a pick-up game in the gym.
  • J-O-B-S, jobs, jobs, jobs!: We took the school meeting time this week to orient ourselves to the jobs program for the winter term. Job foremen were selected and named, expectations were reviewed and the groups broke off to do the jobs. The foremen are:

Breakfast: Harry Smith and David Duncan
Lunch: Sage Harris
Dinner: Mike Ingalls and Idaho Ketcham
Mansion: Brad Samuels
Chase Wing: Barbie Gimbel
Union: Robin Platte
Life Center: Cole Shapiro and Alex Merkin
Emero House: Zach Pfosi
Deckhouse: Katy Duchesneau and Brittney Harris
New Dorm: Luke Locatell and Dexter Jenks
Brookhouse: Jake Morrow and Tyler Works
FieldHouse: Zoe Dorian and Hannah MacMillan
Middle Dorm: Nic Hartley and Kaniel Rose-Tamkin

  • Academic Support Class: A new academic initiative this term is providing a faculty-led support class for selected students in the afternoon hours. The objective is to provide students struggling in a particular subject the opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member on skills needed to be more productive and effective.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Writing across the curriculum: While the students were traveling back to Hyde from the break, faculty from both campuses gathered on the Woodstock campus to have a day long workshop on the John Collins Writing method. Focused on improving instruction and providing more individualized assessment, the workshop was an energetic and engaging way for the two faculty groups to bond and develop as teachers. Comments included, “I always enjoy things like this. It came at a great time as I am doing much more writing and want students to develop better skills.”
  • Curiosity, Connection and Community: These are the three themes of the short time between holiday breaks. After the success of last year’s schedule, we are focusing on these words to create more synergy in the community. Some of the activities that are planned are:

1. Discovery Group dinners and a day long retreat
2. Each Discovery Group has chosen a service project that will enhance the life of a person or group.
3. Seniors taking the lead on the duty teams
4. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman spend a day together
5. Every student taking a character inventory

  • Experiential Journey: For the next two weeks, academic classes are focusing on project based learning with some of the results being presented to the community. AP Environmental is studying the contrasting views on global warming through videos, speeches and interviews. The class will then prepare position papers and debate the issues. Other examples of in-class projects include research projects in U.S. History, studying the concepts of injustice in senior ethics, presenting individuals who have embraced the American dream, investments and the stock market, building Rube Goldberg machines and cultural projects. Good stuff! DM/LDG

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