What do Hyde and Harvard have in common? The only educational institutions that offer the world famous Hoffman Quadrinity Process!

On August 13-20, 2010, Hyde-Bath will again host the 8 day Hoffman Quadrinity Process.

Founder Joseph W. Gauld
Founder Joseph W. Gauld

More than 80 Hyde administrators, teachers, parents and HAPA parents are now graduates of this program and we all feel we experienced a personal transformation. In a recent evaluation by the University of California, measurements of personal growth of participants compared with a control group a year after the experience, were found to be uniformly outstanding.

Founded by Bob Hoffman in 1967, today the Hoffman Institute has organizations in 14 countries, with over 80,000 graduates.

The Kennedy School of Governance (KSG) at Harvard offers the Hoffman process to its graduate students, which include diplomats, politicians, UN peacekeepers, etc. around the world. Their evaluations indicate their Hoffman experience was the highlight of their year at Harvard.

How is it possible that Hyde parents and teachers will be able to share the identical peak Harvard experience of these world leaders???

It is best explained by Leadership Guru Warren Bennis, chairman of the KSG advisory board (also a HAPA parent,) “Here is the deal: learning to be a leader is virtually the same process as becoming an integrated and healthy person…What that means is that when we talk about ‘growing leaders’ we’re inevitably involved in personal stuff, personal transformation.”

The Hyde-Hoffman project will help us re-center our lives on our spirit and our deeper capacity to love. The personal growth we experience will ultimately strengthen Hyde’s focus on unique potential, character and family.

I went to Hoffman as Joe, and returned as Joey, my true childhood spirit. I shed my family negative patterns like anger, frustration, “my way or the highway,'” yet still found a deeper love and appreciation for my parents.

Another Hyde administrator expressed her own Hoffman experience: I feel very in touch with my authentic self; I’m aware of patterns that used to keep me paralyzed and no longer have that power.

I know of at least four Hyde participants who simply said, “It changed my life.”

We encourage you to visit the Hoffman Institute website: www.Hoffmaninstitute.org to learn more about the process.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me as soon as possible as space will be limited. Success depends simply on the desire for personal growth and the willingness to look deeply into oneself. It is a very individualized program.

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