Alumni Perspective: Noah Kaplan ’04

Noah Kaplan
Noah Kaplan

Noah Kaplan ’04 has come a long way since his undergraduate days at Hyde-Woodstock. Kaplan graduated Cum Laude in 2009 from Brandeis University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and recently joined the Hyde Alumni Association Board.

When asked to describe how he felt about his Hyde experience, Noah doesn’t hesitate to reply, “Conflicted. I learned a lot about myself but it was very hard and there were aspects of it that I just didn’t agree with.”

Noah remembers some struggles he had during his time at Hyde, but also credits the school with teaching him a lot about taking risks and connecting with other people.

“Singing in front of the community and getting up at school meetings-anticipating what I might say or do before getting up and presenting made the minutes leading up to it pure hell-but all it took was a minute into the song and I’d feel as if I had conquered my fear. This was powerful for me.”

Kaplan adds, “One aspect of dealing with issues and talking about personal stuff at Hyde was that when I got to college I could see how much easier it was for me to relate to teachers and fellow students. I didn’t expect that.”

In his sophomore year at Tufts, Noah cofounded (with classmate Jonah Peppiatt) National Collegiate Volunteers (NCV), a non-profit that develops students into leaders who take on innovative, high-impact projects in disadvantaged communities around the United States. In the last two years NCV has brought students to New Orleans to help with Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. “Organizing and running NCV has been a profound experience for me. You can read up about us at, and find out about how you can get involved in make a positive difference in the world and, most importantly, in young people’s lives.”

Why did Noah join the Alumni Association Board? “I think it’s important for Hyde Alumni to connect, both on a personal and professional level. There’s something great about meeting alumni who have achieved happiness and success in life. There’s a sense of pride that we all harbor that is untapped. One of the ways to uncover it will be through the various alumni chapter events and gatherings in cities across the country. I plan to spearhead the NYC chapter with a handful of passionate fellow alumni.”

On the horizon? An accomplished guitarist, Noah will sing and play lead guitar in a band and has started a company called Dynamic Mixologist. He will also be in Woodstock January 8-10th for the Return of Recent Grads and will be hosting get-togethers in NYC.

What was a high point of Noah’s Hyde experience? “I’ll never forget playing the Star-Spangled Banner at the Spring and End-of-Year shows. I felt like a rock star at boarding school. How often can someone honestly attest to that?”

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