Hyde Weekly: 11/14 – 11/20

Bath Highlights:

  • MAISAD Champions!: The Girl’s Varisty Soccer team beat Hebron Academy 1-0 to capture the league championship. Mid-fielders Olivia Chance ’10, Sage Harris ’11, and Brittney Harris ’10 worked hard to control the ball and were critical to offense all game. Mid-way through the half, Hannah MacMillan ’10 scored the first and only goal of the game on a great volley from the top of the box. For the rest of the game, backs Scout Gauld ’10, Katy Duchesneau ’10, Shannon Vize ’10 and sweeper Alyssa Thomas ’11 did an outstanding job dismantling Hebron’s attempts to score. Other outstanding players for the game were Cece Jackson ’10, and Zoe Dorian ’10 on the offense half of the pitch and Tierra Williams ’10, in goal. (Below is a list of all of the athletic award recipients for the fall season)
  • Civic Duty: The senior government classes recently completed an assignment in which each student had to complete at least four acts of civic duty. The idea was for the student to be “active citizens” for the betterment of their community. Some examples of civic duties performed were:
    • Volunteering in a special education classroom
    • Soup kitchen
    • Giving blood
    • Starting a recycling project in conjunction with Lowes Hardware
    • Registering for the draft
    • Picking up trash/recycling in Bath
    • Making a movie advertising Hyde
    • Volunteer work at a nursing home
    • Writing a letter to the President
  • Academic Recognition: With the fall term coming to a close, we took time to honor the hard work and academic achievement of our students. Two students were honored for each discipline, one being a MIL (Most Improved Learner) and the other a MVL (Most Valuable Learner- a combination of outstanding effort, achievement, and collaboration). Below are the honorees, along with Honorable Mentions:
Area of Study MIL MVP Honorable Mention
Art Idaho Ketcham ’10 Lily Smith ’11 Maeve O’Sullivan ’10
Jessica Smith – PG
Jheanelle Duhaney ’10
Wonseo Huh ’11
History Erin Fonseca ’10 Tyler Works ’10 Andrea Snyder ’11
Tyrone Freston ’11
Cody Vickery ’10
Ryan Connolly ’11
Emma Falkinburg ’13
Lily Smith ’11
Math Ryan Connolly ’11 SungYun Chung ’13 Julia Herman ’10
Rachel de Molina ’11
Riley Mitchell ’12
Ted Cercos ’11
English Nic Hartley ’10 Zoe Dorian ’10 Britt Hardin ’10
Lily Smith ’11
Julia Evanusa ’12
Aneth Batamuliza ’11
Barbie Gimbel ’10
Trevor Magloire ’11
Liberty Alfredson ’13
Language Cece Jackson ’10 Scout Gauld ’10 Cody Gullicksen ’11
Brendan Hyland ’11
Erin Fonseca ’10
Kurt Chessman ’10
Justin Castor ’11
Science Nico Figueroa ’10 Britt Hardin ’10 James Frazier ’11
Tyrone Freston ’11
Hailun Ni ’10
Ryan Connolly ’11
Sung Yun Chung ’13
Yingying Tan ’11


Girls XC Athena Liao ’10 Barbie Gimbel ’10
Boys XC Robbie Palmer ’13 Zach Pfosi ’10
All League Zach Pfosi ’10
Boys JV Soccer Leo Shan ’11 Tyrone Freston ’11
Boys Varsity Soccer Dexter Jenks ’10 Nico Figueroa ’10
All League Ryan Connolly ’11, Nico Figueroa ’10
Varsity Football Mason Carmel ’12 Kenton Powell PG
All League First team: Mike Ingalls PG, Tyler Works ’10, Kenton Powell PG. Second Team: Harry Smith ’10, Alex Needham ’10, Kaniel Rose-Tamkin ’10
Girls JV Soccer Sung Yun Chung ’13 Julia Herman ’10
Girls Varsity Tierra Williams ’10 Hannah MacMillan ’10
All League Katy Duchesneau ’10, Cece Jackson ’10, Zoe Dorian ’10, Hannah MacMillan ’10

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Dawes Dazzles! – This week, veteran Hyde faculty member Mike Dawes was a guest lecturer in the 20th Century History classes and did a presentation on the Stock Market. Faculty member Donna Dubinsky explained, “We were beginning to cover the Great Depression and the students wanted to know more about the reasons for the Stock Market Crash of 1929.” Mike discussed the theory of laissez-faire and bank regulations. He also talked about the latest economy slump and reviewed the different responses from government and the private sector. Adam Carreau ’11 summed up the thoughts of many in the group by saying, “I always wanted to know what led to the crash and Mr. Dawes explained it so that I could understand it.”
  • JV Football Magic – Hyde Wolf Pack faced off against Pomfret’s JV Football team last Wednesday and went into the game with a 0-5 record. The contest was phenomenal. Coach Jenkins said, “It seemed like something magical had happened on the field, and that a feeling of brotherhood and synergy overcame all the selfish and quitter attitudes. It was a truly selfless game.” After the game, Michael Cannon ’11 was in the locker room and said, “I feel as though we came out of an undefeated season.” Although the season record was 1-5, the team faced several tough opponents and tough attitudes throughout the season and never once did they throw their hands up in defeat. Coach Jenkins added, “We always came off the field with our heads high, awaiting the next challenge with positivity and optimism. This to me is an “undefeated” season, one in which the chips tend to be down but you always play the next hand as if it is the winning one. I was extremely proud of the team this fall and look forward to coaching them again in the coming year…. attitudes and all!”
  • Sports Wrap-up – Thursday night, the school donned our fanciest dress, had a wonderful holiday meal prepared by Michael Stone and this staff and then headed to the theater to celebrate the lessons learned through success and failure during our fall sports season. Our athletic director, Sean Saucier told the school, “I believe we’ve accomplished a great deal through the journey to understand the value of hard work and the relationships that form as a result of high expectations. A special congratulation goes to our women’s cross-country team for their SENE championship; your teamwork and camaraderie made us all proud. The following athletes were honored:
Girls XC Lisa Bertschy ’10 Simi DeAngelis ’10
Boys XC John Cone ’11 Kevin Blanco ’10
All League Haruka Koda ’10, Simi DeAngeles ’10, Ally Budd 10, Kevin Blanco ’10
Boys JV Soccer Scott Connolly ’11 Matthew Lyon ’10
Boys Varsity Soccer Hunter Carruthers ’10 Jake Lifson ’10
All League All Conference First Team: Jake Lifson ‘10

All Conference Second Team: Tyler Case ’10

All Conference Honorable Mention: Brian Sanz ’11

JV Football Michael Cannon ’11 Owen Knapp ’12
Varsity Football Derek Kubitz ’11 Charles Watson PG
All League Evergreen All Conference: Charles Watson-PG, Giovanni Capri ’12

Evergreen Honorable Mention: Anthony Callahan ’11, Shawn Campbell PG

Girls JV Soccer Carly Cotnoir ’11 Sarah Trager ’10
Girls Varsity Mari Barnett ’11 Nora Curran ’10
All League Nora Curran ’10, Caitlin Barrett ’10

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We have all worked hard for twelve weeks. Have a great break with your family. Live in the present, be a giver not a taker and use humor to help you stay on track. All the best! LDG/DM