Hyde Weekly: 11/07 – 11/13

Bath Highlights:

  • Seniors on Gulliver’s Travels: On Monday, many seniors had the opportunity to speak under the chandelier and practice public presentation. After having written an in-depth essay on an assigned topic of study from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, twenty seniors were selected to transform their formal writing into an engaging three-minute lecture on their topic. Some topics included a study of the narrator as an “Everyman” figure, a style analysis of the text, and a comparison of Book Four to another utopia, Lowry’s The Giver. All of these speeches were very well done and displayed great attention to the conventions of public speaking, such as confidence, clarity and quality of their argument. The seniors will have three more opportunities throughout the year to “perform” under the chandelier.
  • Women’s Soccer Advances: The women’s varsity soccer team beat Gould Academy in semi-final match up to gain a berth in Saturday’s championship game. Cece Jackson ’10 led the offense with two scores and Zoe Dorian ’10 and Kayla Sheldon ’11 rounded out the scoring in the 4 -2 win. Shannon Vize ’10 and Katy Duchesneau ’10, along with goalkeeper Tierra Williams ’10 anchored the defense. The team is also still in the running for an invitation to the New England tournament which will be announced this weekend.
  • Life Stories: In the school meeting this week, seniors Nic Hartley and Erin Fonseca took the opportunity to share part of their life stories with the community. This led to other students sharing parts of their life stories, and also prompted some of the faculty to share issues and struggles they had talked about in the faculty seminar convened a couple of days earlier. It is always inspiring to hear community members, students and faculty speak honestly and openly about themselves.

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • SENE Champions!: Hyde Cross Country toed the line against their competitors in the SENE on Friday at the Wheeler School athletic fields in Seekonk, Massachusetts. The team pulled it together for this race with a number of stunning performances. The girls were led by Haruka Koda ’10 who placed 5th overall, Simi DeAngelis ’10 in 7th, Ally Budd ’10 who placed 10th; all three of these girls were named All Conference runners for their strong performance. Lori Allen ’11 placed 4th on the team and 17th overall. Lisa Bertschy ’10 rounded out the top five, placing 18th overall. These solid finishes by Allen and Bertschy along with Alexis Holdampf ’11 and Cassis Hoering ’12 helped the girls to clinch their SENE win, beating second place Lincoln by 5 points.
  • Action/Reflection: During the school meeting time this week, the faculty and seniors had a seminar together on the following poem by Walt Goodridge:

What will it take to raise the bar and give it all you’ve got?
Will habits keep you stagnant ’til the fire gets too hot?
Or will it take the kiss of everything that you hold dear
to push you into action now despite that inner fear?
Or will you wait until your back is up against the wall
to finally say, “You know what; I can do this after all!”
Perhaps you’ll have to look back on a life filled with regrets
before you break the cycle and no longer hedge your bets.
Or maybe in the morning when you see the world anew
you’ll decide to do it and show yourself what you can do!

The underclassmen had an afternoon of action with a field day organized by faculty members Dan Jaye, Bill Fabiano, Dan Osar, Jill Forgue and Laura Michaels. Dan Jaye said, “We had the kids go back to their athletic roots and reintroduced the bouncy red ball, also known as a kickball. The enthusiasm level was through the roof. Scott McNeil was a top competitor, competing as if it were the Olympics. Hope Eldridge challenged us with her intensity, grit and continuous “trash talking.” It was a fun afternoon and the kids and faculty alike all had a great time!”

  • Study, Study, Study: As classes wrap up and preparation for exams begins, the intensity builds. The science classes are one example and faculty member Colin Fredericks shares the progress of his classes, “Explorations is working on topics ranging from electromagnetic spectrum, scientific hoaxes, human evolution and time travel.” LDG/DM

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