Annual Fund Appeal: Malcolm’s Letter

Dear Friends:

I cannot remember a time when I have put more careful thought into how I might support the causes that are dear to my heart. My Hyde education taught me the importance of giving back. I remember an Annual Fund campaign slogan from my own student days called “Growth Through Giving.” We were taught that personal growth was the ultimate aim of our education and were asked to consider the notion that we should not expect to experience such growth without giving.

Your support is crucial to Hyde at this point in time and deeply appreciated. While tuition costs have never covered the full cost of educating each Hyde student, this year has found us putting the sharpest pencil to our budget that any of us can remember.

Not only is your support critical to our budget, I can’t overstate what it does for our institutional confidence. Our faculty members trudge home after long days and wonder if their efforts are really worth it, whether they will bear any meaningful fruit. Your support gives them an inspirational answer. Please know that your support serves to strengthen our resolve to keep delivering the quality of teaching and service that inspires your own sense of philanthropy. On behalf of everyone at Hyde, many thanks for your consideration of a gift to our Annual Fund.



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