Annual Fund Appeal: Don and Laura’s Letter

Dear Hyde Community Member:

Your continued involvement in our community is key to keeping our dynamic culture alive and well here at Hyde. We value your efforts and understand that a Hyde experience is a unique one, often difficult to describe with words.

We invite you to join with the entire Hyde community (of which 100% of faculty and staff from both campuses have pledged their gifts) to contribute to this year’s Annual Fund. As you know through your time here, our faculty is the heart and soul of Hyde. This group of fine individuals is what makes Hyde the unique institution that it has become. In addition, more and more families are hoping to receive the benefits of Hyde, and consequently our need as an institution to offer financial aid has also increased. We rely on Annual Fund dollars to offer a Hyde experience to as many families as we can. Today, more than 33% of our students/families receive some form of financial aid totaling nearly $2 million.

Please take a moment to consider your 2009-2010 gift or pledge to Hyde’s Annual Fund. You may direct your contribution in honor of your student, a faculty member who made a difference in your life, or the Family Education, Academic, Character Education, or Financial Aid programs that we offer. Any way that you choose, your gift ensures that the promise of Hyde Schools thrives.



Donald W. MacMillan Laura Denton Gauld ‘76
(Kayla ’07 Woodstock, Hannah ’10 Bath) (Mahalia ’08 Bath, Scout ’10 Bath)
Head of School, Bath Head of School, Woodstock

To give now, visit