Hyde Weekly: 10/24 – 10/30

Bath Highlights:

  • Family Weekend- The weekend was jammed packed as usual with classes, seminars, athletic events, community meetings, and lots of conversations with family members, new friends and old friends. After the long weekend, most of the students and faculty enjoyed a day off on Monday before jumping back into classes and practices. We now set our sights upon final exams, athletic tournaments, and a strong end to the fall term. For those of you feeling incomplete without being able to hear the song that was to accompany the slide show, follow the link below: //www.hyde.edu/2009/10/26/news/hyde-bath-fall-family-weekend-2009/
  • Construction on the Turf Field Begins- First thing Monday morning, the bulldozers and backhoes were here to scrape off the surface of our old field to prepare it for the new turf. The project takes approximately 7 weeks to complete. If all goes well, the surface will be in place before winter takes hold; if not, the surface will be laid in early March. VIEW TWITTER PIC
  • Time for Appreciation– In the weekly school meeting, we took time to express appreciation for the daily experiences of leadership and “pursuing one’s best” that we notice but often times do not recognize. Some of the comments included:

To Kenton Powell, “You’re great during lunch meal crew. You’re consistent and always work until the job is done.”

To Zoe Dorian, “Your work ethic at soccer practice is an inspiration everyday.”

To Brittney Harris, “You’ve done a great job working in the athletic cage this fall. Most people don’t know how hard you work.”

To Cece Jackson, “You have a whole new attitude in classes and academics this year, and it’s nice to see.”

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Teaching moment – Each week, faculty and students share a teaching moment in the morning meeting. This week, we had two. Heather Cavalli, a 9-year Hyde veteran and Director of College Counseling, along with her husband Massimo who grew up in northern Italy, shared their story of how they met in Italy, how they had both grown up visiting the same town in the alps as children, and Massimo’s passion for alpine skiing. They taught the school some Italian and shared how the Hyde words and principles are common ideas deeply rooted in the small town Italian culture in which Massimo grew up. The other teaching moment came from faculty members Laura Michaels and Meara Palmer-Young who played “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saëns and “La donna è mobile” from the opera Rigoletto by Verdi on the French horn and cello. Laura and Meara started playing duets last year when, as roommates, they discovered a common love of music. Meara stated, “We both enjoy the challenge of working closely with one other musician to explore the expressional possibilities of a piece of music.”
  • Taking stock as a school – After the powerful family weekend, the school seemed to “hit a collective wall” as work, college applications, sports and daily obligations were all still there waiting for our attention. At the school meeting, we cleared the decks, shared our struggles and put ourselves in three categories:

1. Turnaround – Right now, I am using Hyde to “keep me from my worst” and it is a struggle to be here.

2. Leadership – While it may not be perfect, I am using the community to “go after my best” and explore the leadership phase of Hyde.

3. Foot in both worlds – I have a stake in each aspect of Hyde and need some help to move forward.

Students from all groups shared their thoughts and feelings. Then they got reactions from their peers. It was an important meeting to express personal declarations and witness the community concern for each other.

  • Just Laugh! – Instead of a serious senior/faculty partnership meeting this week, we decided it was important to laugh at each other and ourselves. Faculty and seniors divided up into skit groups and impersonated faculty in some good-natured fun. The results were hilarious with high honors going to Dean Kevin Folan who donned eye makeup and senior Jackie Bonadio who was able to laugh at her former attitudes. Overall, it was a much needed break from the everyday stresses.

The quote of the week comes from Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.”