Hyde Weekly: 10/17 – 10/23

Bath Highlights:

  • Career Transitions: HAPA parent Peter Moskowitz offered a session for seniors on making career choices. The presentation included not only how to think about choosing a career, but also about how to be a life-long learner in your career and how to navigate changing careers, whether by choice or not.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Interviews began this week for Hyde students wishing to mentor younger students in town. A popular program that has been ongoing at Hyde now for many years, Big Brothers/Big Sisters provides the opportunity for Hyde students to meet weekly with a younger student from Fisher-Mitchell Elementary and offer guidance, support and encouragement. As is often the case, taking time to help someone else is a great learning experience for the Hyde students and becomes one of the highlights of their week.
  • Parents Arrive: The week began with a full FLC from Monday to Wednesday and by all accounts, it was a positive and productive experience for students and parents alike. The parents in particular, both new and veteran, were eager to engage and learn. Just as the FLC was wrapping up, more parents were arriving for a day and a half long leadership workshop to prep for Family Weekend. Last night was the official kickoff to the weekend as students and faculty put the finishing touches on a performing arts number and the parents met with founder Joey Gauld. We are excited to see the parents and anticipate having a great weekend!

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • JV Nicknaming Ceremony: A time honored tradition among the JV Football Team continued this past week as new comers to the JV squad were given nicknames. Associate Head of School Bob Felt and Director of Special Projects Mike Dawes led this momentous occasion which took place before and during the Fall Family Weekend. This rite of passage provides the opportunity for young athletes to engage their deeper, grid-iron selves. Some of this year’s names included:

o Matt Williams as “Wild Thing”
o Noah Bell as “Luther Vandross”
o George Hammond as “Spicoli” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
o Justin Cooper as “Lionel Richie”
o Gage Verronneau as “Cousin It” from The Addams Family
o Sabrina Padro as “G.I. Jane”
o Brendan Stier as “Sweet Pea”
o Alex Stoupas as “Crocodile Dundee”
o And Coach Wes Jenkins as “Scott Baio”

  • Fall Family Weekend: Students and faculty spent weeks in preparation for this milestone and were proud of a job well-done. Students were upbeat and engaged during the weekend, with many standouts. Of course, we could not have done so well without the parents. Thanks for traveling the miles and for the wonderful effort. Some comments shared by students this week:

“I think it was the deepest I’ve ever gotten with my family. While the hardest one I’ve ever participated in, it was beneficial.”
“I thought that the newer families really stepped in with a great attitude.”
“I am proud of the work I did because I moved past my pre-existing thoughts and opinions about the process and focused on what I needed to work on with my family and my own growth.”
One newcomer to Hyde, in particular, was struck by his new celebrity status. Chef Michael Stone was heard saying: “I was blown away with everyone high-fiving us as we walked to the stage. I felt like a rock star!”
Performance Director Pam Bertschy commented: “The kids did an outstanding job presenting themselves well in the mini show and honoring the school.”

  • Head of School’s Day (Off!): Students and faculty were thrilled to have a down day to catch up on sleep, work, and energy having put it all into the family weekend. Students enjoyed optional trips to Boston and the movies, and also caught up on sports viewing and relaxed around campus. The atmosphere was productive yet rejuvenating heading into the Monday evening study hall. LDG/DM

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