Hyde Weekly: 10/10 – 10/16

Bath Highlights:

  • Camden Middle SchoolOne hundred twenty students from up the coast visited on Tuesday morning. Along with about 35 Hyde students, these middle school students participated in a second day of Know Yourself/Be Yourself activities. A group of Hyde students had traveled to Camden last year for the first day of the workshop which was such a big hit that the school district asked for another day this fall.
  • A Break In the Action- On Wednesday, all of the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT test, beginning their journey of preparing and applying to college. The seniors had the day to finish (or at least make a lot of progress on) their college applications. Almost a third of the seniors this year are applying early action, and so the deadlines are fast approaching.
  • “Columbust” Revisited- Very close to Columbus Day each year, it seems a number of students find themselves in disciplinary trouble. This year is no different as the Dean’s Area was active getting to the truth about various incidents in the last couple of weeks. Why Columbus Day? My guess is that it has something to do with having been in school for 6 -7 weeks and realizing that school is hard. It also probably has something to do with students beginning to get nervous about Family Weekend being just around the corner. Whatever the reasons, it is an opportunity to teach some students the value of honesty and, for others students, to see how much they have grown in the past year

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Getting to Know You! Each day, at the morning meeting, seniors assign the discovery group a task ranging from the word of the day to skits about how to clean a room. This week, Courtney Gill ’09 and Jake Lifson ’09 asked the groups to huddled together and ask each other questions about themselves. Both funny and serious, we learned some of the following:

Dion Richardson got involved in basketball because men in his family played the game.”

“Bryn Nolan wanted to be an archeologist when she was younger.”

“Kevin Madigan’s favorite sport is water polo.”

The line of the day came from Dean Folan’s group, “Mr. Folan’s first word as a baby was rigor.”

  • Run Baby Run! The men’s cross country team had their first real taste of success in their quad meet at Wilbraham & Monson Academy. They all recorded their fastest times of the season and won two out of three races beating both Cheshire and McDuffie. John Cone and Chris Hershberg were the stars on the guys team, both beating their personal bests by more than 3 minutes. The women’s team won three of three at the same meet. Dominating the competition on all sides, every girl on the team recorded their fastest times this season and solidified themselves as being a force to be reckoned with in the SENE conference and division four in New England. Simi DeAngelis and Haruka Koda ran amazing races finishing minutes before the competition.Coach Josh Welch said, “We celebrated the evening at a table for 20 sharing pizza and conversation and really felt the bonds we are forming as teams.”
  • Make a Difference – This week, Andrew Hawk ’10, saw a need to provide assistance in study hall. In his words, “One of my goals for my junior year is to be proud of my academic achievement. One of the ways Hyde school helps students keep their grades up is the study hall on weekdays from 7-9 at night. It’s a very useful thing that helps me and a lot of other students to keep up in their classes. I found that if I want to do well and get all my work done efficiently, it will take more time than the two hour study hall. I found that I needed a structured environment and a set time period to do my work and one of my ideas was to start up a Sunday study hall. It went into effect this week and went very well. There were about 15 students who attended and they found it very beneficial.I hope to see more students taking advantage of the opportunity on Sundays and see the student body strive to reach their academic goals.” Thanks Andrew for making us better.

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As we end the week, family weekend begins in Woodstock and is just around the corner for Bath. It is a special time when the whole community comes together to work on self, family and community.