Hyde Weekly: 10/3 – 10/9

Bath Highlights:

  • Kung Fu Panda and Forrest Gump: Seniors Brittney Harris and Katy Duchesneau ran a school meeting on concern. To introduce the topic, Katy and Brittney used clips from the movie Kung Fu Panda, depicting how Master Li showed concerned for his mentee. Next, they used a clip from Forrest Gump to spark a discussion on altruism.
  • Senior and Faculty Seminar: To help continue to build the faculty and senior partnership, we broke into seminar groups and shared which area of our lives we felt we were “hitting our stride,” and which area we felt we were struggling. Seniors and faculty alike were able to identify the similarities we have in dealing with stress and challenge in our lives
  • Football and Women’s Soccer: On a cold and nasty day, the women’s soccer team pulled off a great victory over rival Gould Academy. Having fallen behind in the second half by a score of 3-1, the women came storming back and won 4-3. Hannah MacMillan, ’10 led the offense with 3 goals while Zoe Dorian, ’10 scored the game winner. Coach Newberg singled out Sage Harris, ’11, Cece Jackson, ’10 and Alyssa Thomas, ’11 for outstanding play. Similarly, the varsity football team posted its first win with a thrilling 18 – 12 victory over Proctor Academy. The game ended with the Proctor player being tackled on the one yard line to prevent the game-tying score. Outstanding performers for the game were Trevor Magloire, ’11 (103 yards rushing), Kenton Powell, ’10 (7 tackles), Tyler Works, ’10 (7 tackles), Harry Smith, ’10 (two touchdown receptions) and Ted Cercos, ’11 (two passes for touchdowns).

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Woodstock Highlights:

  • Measure of a man: Saturday, men’s varsity football traveled to KUA and learned valuable lessons when the team faced a tough opponent and struggled with injuries and absences. Despite the score of 8-41, Coach Saucier told the team, “You made us proud today with your fight.” We received an email from a former Hyde faculty member who witnessed the game. “Everything seemed to conspire against the Hyde squad, but as one would expect from a Hyde team, the boys pulled together and played a solid, competitive game. Most importantly, their sportsmanship was impeccable and a lesson for the players on the other side.”
  • I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand: The faculty talked about teaching tools in the classroom which engage the learner and discourage passive listening. The following were some of the ideas shared by veteran and new teachers alike:

1. Toss a ball around as physics class discusses projectile motion

2. Class projects and jigsaw activity

3. Pair up and do peer editing in English class

4. Skits and videos in Spanish class

  • Hitting the wall: This week, many of us felt overwhelmed and tired which led to frustrations and questions about our commitments to being here at Hyde and staying in the game. The faculty and seniors met to air our struggles and commitment to really operate as a partnership. Twenty-one seniors and faculty volunteered at the school meeting to have a concern meeting to help them with direction. Dean Folan asked the entire school to divide up and give their best to these individuals. After the individual meetings, we debriefed as a school and saw the power of finding concern if you just ask for it. Comments included:

I didn’t think people would take this seriously, but they did.”

“I have made some mistakes but am slowly and humbly getting back to my leadership.”

“It is hard for me to face the truth but I did in the meeting.”

“A friend called me out on my sensitive side today.”

“I have people that I can rely on and who can rely on me.”

“As a faculty, I have to let go of getting my point across.”

“Today reaffirmed why I work here.”

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As both schools work through the rigor of the fall semester and gear up for Fall Family Weekend, we are reminded of a phrase a veteran Hyde coach used to say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” DM/LDG