5 Tips for Surfing Hyde.edu

We switched things around a bit, and we’re going to continue to improve and evolve HYDE.EDU. One of the goals we set for HYDE.EDU was to build an online community. Here are 5 tips to get you started on becoming a new member of the HYDE.EDU community:

There is no better way to get a pulse on our schools than through our blogs.
Here’s how you find them: CLICK HERE for a complete list of blogs. If you find an author you like, “click” on that person’s name.

author name

You can find faculty and staff phone numbers and email addresses…CLICK HERE….Directions…CLICK HERE….A place to stay while you are visiting on one of our beautiful campuses…Susie Racine (Woodstock) and Heather Beam (Bath) can guide you to the accommodation that will meet your needs. OR, you can download a complete list of accommodations on your own: BATH | WOODSTOCK. Even sending mail to one of our campuses can be easy. CLICK HERE for campus mailing addresses.

HYDE.EDU is acutally three sites in one: the main site, the Woodstock campus site, and the Bath campus site. Richard “Spider” Curran and I (among others) are continuously adding cool stories, pics, and videos to the campus sites. Each campus has its blogs, galleries, sports news, campus news…you name it. BATH | WOODSTOCK.

The coolest feature I like about the new HYDE.EDU is the user’s ability to interact and engage. Remember, one of our goals with the new HYDE.EDU is to build an online community. So, leave a comment when your moved by a blog post or a photo gallery. We ENJOY reading your reactions to the stories on HYDE.EDU. Leave me a COMMENT. Or better yet, complete our 20 Questions form. We always enjoy learning about Hyde friends.

Find a page or section you really like on HYDE.EDU. Bookmark it! If you are using a PC computer, PRESS “CRTL” & “D” at the same time. Apple users can PRESS “Shift” “CMD” & “T” keys do the same. And if you find a page you want to share with the WORLD, we make it easy. At the bottom of each page we have a tool bar that reads “Share this content.”

Happy Surfing! If you have any questions or comments, EMAIL ME. Don’t let that intense, busy look on my mug shot interfere with connecting with your very own HYDE.EDU WEB GUY.