Changing up the Menu: Nourishing Mind, Body and Soul

Zach Rosenbaum ’10 couldn’t decide what to write about for this week’s Student Voices blog but quickly found inspiration among some recent changes made on the Woodstock campus.

The ever-hungry Zach Rosenbaum ’10
The ever-hungry Zach Rosenbaum ’10

I am going to get fat! With our new food service, called Sage, I leave the dining hall three times a day feeling like a balloon. I am not saying that the food beforehand was terrible, because it was actually quite tasty, however with our new chef, Mr. Stone, there is always something at each meal that I like. I will always remember that fateful Monday morning, when I arrived at the dining hall to find a new colorful array of posters, new friendly faces serving delectable food, and of course, handy handouts on each table which inform students of what foods are good for you, and which are not. The new food service puts foods into three categories: green, yellow, and red–kind of like a stop sign. The foods in the green group are the best for you, such as fruits and vegetables. The yellow group contains foods that aren’t terrible for you, though they are not the best. And of course, the red group contains foods that everyone really loves, like cookies and brownies and ice cream and cake and chocolate.

Chef Stone and his team offer a wide variety of choices for each meal. Breakfast offers most everything from cinnamon buns, to fresh fruit salad, to bagels, to coconut french toast (sounds good, right?). At lunch, which is personally my favorite meal, there is always a great choice of different hot foods. There is a deli bar, a salad bar, and students can make their own paninis (as opposed to waiting on the long line for Phil to toast and compress your sandwich or wrap). And, at last, we have our succulent dinner options! At dinner, there is always something spectacular and simply delicious to eat. There are so many things to choose from, I couldn’t even tell you all of the things they served at dinner last night. All I remember was eating everything in sight and then telling myself that I would never eat again. Even though right after I guzzled down some chocolate pudding.

Everybody on campus seems generally happier. I know for me that good food equals happy Zach. I normally eat an unhealthily small breakfast, and spend my morning starving, but now I jump out of bed every morning, put on my tie and dress shoes, and make a run for the cafeteria to fill up my coffee cup and to get first dibs on whatever is for breakfast.

Currently, I am sitting at my desk, belly full, mouth satisfied, and brain well nourished. I seem to feel that way a lot more often than I used to, and I think that goes for many other students and faculty at Hyde Woodstock. All that is left to say is that I am really really excited for Sunday–I hear brunch is the best meal of all!

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