Marcus Chae, Class of 1994

Last weekend during Homecoming, Marcus Chae, Class of 1994, made his graduation speech. As odd as that might sound (Why does someone make a speech 15 years after graduating?), it is simply another unique aspect of our school; former students who wish to complete their Hyde education with a speech are encouraged to do so when appropriate. Marcus finished his academic requirements as a senior, but some of his decisions in the waning weeks of his last year made it clear to him and to us as a school that he still needed to work on the character side of his portfolio. Always a spirited personality and a friend to everyone he meets, Marcus, by his own admission, still struggled with honesty with himself and others in the years after he left Hyde.

Somewhere along the line, though, the lessons Marcus learned while at Hyde and from his family (both his mother and grandmother were involved in the family program) began to rise to the surface and become part of his daily living. Having spent time with Marcus during the weekend, I would even venture to say that one of his greatest strengths now is his ability and willingness to be honest with himself and others. The other aspect of his character that Marcus shared with us is his willingness and commitment to “finish.” I doubt Marcus even thought about this or that he was setting a great example for all of us, and that makes it even better. He was just doing the right thing and not quitting until it got done right. Thanks Marcus and congratulations.