Rangeley Lakes Middle School experiences the Know Yourself / Be Yourself Program

Sixteen Hyde students and three faculty conducted a special Biggest Job Workshop recently with 6th – 8th grade students from the Rangeley Lakes Middle School. The program was held at the Hyde School Wilderness School in Eustis, Maine.

The program, called Know Yourself / Be Yourself, is based on three tenets:

  • We are all special and we all want to be somebody;
  • It takes courage to be ourselves;
  • We need the help of others to be who we truly are.

The Rangeley students jumped right in and shared themselves in exercises like the Public Self / Private Self, which asks them to talk about what aspects of themselves they share with others and which ones they keep hidden; an exercise called Labels which asks them how they view themselves and how they think others view them; and one called Declarations which asks them to think about their lives in the future and choose something they want to stand for.

The Rangeley parent and teacher chaperones were very impressed with the lessons delivered by the Hyde students. Seeing how the Hyde students were able to draw out meaningful personal reflection among the Rangeley students, many of the chaperones left their groups so that their adult presence wouldn’t inhibit further reflection. One Rangeley student commented: “I learned that we are more alike than I had thought; sometimes what someone shows on the outside is not who they are on the inside.”

If you’d like to bring a Know Yourself / Be Yourself workshop to your school or organization, contact phardy@hyde.edu.