Honey Season!

I am a beekeeper. I have not always been one however. This phase of my life (it’s a phase now) started out as a gift of bees to my wife for her birthday. (Yes, I am serious. I gave her honey bees as a gift. Actually I gave her 15,000 of them. ) Anyways, my wife and I have kept bees since this celebratory start. In the last few years however I have learned a number of things about myself and about this process. I’ve tapped into a new, deeper sense of curiosity and fascination that is propelling my learning forward and reaping sweet benefits.

At the center of my learning about bees is raw curiosity and wonder. I am constantly amazed at the honey bee and pretty much all aspects of the honey business. They are truly incredible in their efficiency, in how they partner, create, build, and exist. As I continue to read about their hive process and honey making, I am floored by the details of nectar exchange, of their organization and division of labor, of their singular focus and impressive commitment. It is endlessly impressive to me.

This past Sunday I removed about 80 pounds of honey and honey comb from our three hives. The bees worked hard all summer to store this honey. It is pure and delicious, new white wax covering the perfect tasting evaporated nectar. Honey season is here. I will cut open the comb next week, extract the honey, melt the wax, and bottle up the liquid gold. I look forward to many years of mind blowing discovery as I learn more about the science, process, and rhythms of bee keeping.

Best, John