Hyde Weekly: 9/12 – 9/18

Bath Highlights:

Leaders and Learners Kickoff: Current Woodstock parent Dr. John Peacock was this year’s first speaker in our Leaders and Learners program. Dr. Peacock, a professor of language at the Maryland Institute College of Arts and an enrolled member of the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation, met with a group of students Wednesday night and facilitated a discussion about the film, Oceti Sakowin: The People of the Seven Council Fires. The next morning he made a presentation to the entire school on Native American culture and his personal journey as a Native American.

Chinese Cultural Club: Two seniors, Hailun Ni and Athena Liao, decided last year to found an informal club to share Chinese culture with the Hyde community. Thursday marked the first meeting, open to all students and faculty, and the topic was an introduction to conversational Chinese. Students learned how to greet one another and also what their translated first names are.

Dean’s Area Action: Students new to Hyde often times test the rules and boundaries of the school, and this week we learned of a number of students who did just that. Most of the students involved are just completing their first month of Hyde (or less) and, after a stint on work crew, will hopefully make more informed decisions regarding their behavior.

Woodstock Highlights:

Self-Discovery in the Classroom: There is a lot of excitement during the academic part of the day. Faculty members Colin Fredericks and Donna Dubinsky are two teachers taking advantage of Hyde’s new Poly Vision boards, gifted to the school by Board Chair, Jeff Black. The visual technology opens up amazing avenues to bring the material alive to students in the classroom setting. Honor Chemistry students have designed labs to test various hypotheses, set parameters, ran the experiments and came up with more hypotheses. Their teacher noted, “It was, in short, real science.” Josh Welch’s science class designed their own amusement park with the proviso that the rides may not be realistic but they had to be physically possible. Mr. Welch added, “We’ve gotten into side conversations related to determinism and its relationship to quantum mechanics, light as the universal speed limit, the nature of lasers, and topics related to electricity and magnetism. Students are developing a thirst for knowledge of all kinds.” Kudos to Matt Mongada ’10 on being the first student featured in the Student Voice Blog on the Hyde Woodstock website…VIEW NOW

Getting in shape!: Each afternoon, the fields are dotted with bright colors as figures run, kick, pass and learn to work on individual courage and team development. Men’s varsity soccer showed their potential in a scrimmage against area schools. The two football teams also scrimmaged against local Killingly High School and saw some emerging toughness. The women’s soccer posted a close loss and cross country announced to the school this week that their synergy as a team is setting the pace for other teams. We are off to a promising start!

Public Self, Private Self: In this week’s school meeting, we talked about the unproductive aspects of the youth and adult culture. Comments included:

  • Youth Culture: image, secrecy, drugs, sex, bullying, judgment of others, fear of showing insecurity, and hiding behind technology.
  • Adult Culture: image, secrecy, self-medicate, control, judgment, keeping problems inside and name dropping.

We then talked about our public self and words that describe the self that we keep hidden or show very few people. Some of these were shared:

“I hide my spiritual self because I am not sure if others will understand or respect this.”

“I project a strong outside, but sometimes feel like a loser inside.”

“I show caring on the outside and the inside.”

“I am afraid that I will let others down.”

We work hard at Hyde. As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” –Don, Laura