Hyde-Bronx Gets an A!

The hard-working students, parents and staff at Hyde-Bronx received recognition that their efforts are paying off. Each year the New York City Department of Education evaluates each school in the city and gives them a progress report which includes an overall grade. In this system, schools that receive Ds, Fs, or 3 Cs in a row face consequences. Hyde-Bronx was awarded an A.

Schools are measured in four areas: School Environment, Student Performance, Student Progress, and Closing the Achievement Gap.

School Environment uses parent, teacher and secondary student surveys and other data to measure necessary conditions for learning: attendance, academic expectations, communication, engagement and safety and respect.

Student Performance measures student skill levels in English Language Arts and Math.

Student Progress measures average student improvement from last year to this year in English Language Arts and Math.

Closing the Achievement Gap gives schools additional credit for exemplary gains among high-need students.

While pleased with their progress and this accomplishment, the Hyde community will continue to increase their score within the A category and will grow themselves, and thereby their school to its greatest potential.