Among the most dreaded things a student or faculty member at Hyde can hear is, “I’m concerned about you…,” particularly if I’m the guy saying it. I’m not sure at what point this happened, but the term “concern” has taken on a negative connotation around here. One of the things we are trying to improve down here in the Dean’s Office is expressing concern for students who are both struggling and thriving. We think it’s important to point out where people can improve, but also try to recognize when someone in our community does something great. I know as a coach, it’s equally important for me to offer critical feedback for my players in order for them to correct their mistakes in addition to highlighting when a player succeeds so that he can replicate it. Around here, we call this the “Kick in the pants and the Bear Hug.”

Wes Jenkins, our Dean of Recognitions, has done a tremendous job in honoring those students and faculty who stand out on a weekly basis. Yesterday at our morning meeting, a few members of our community were recognized:

  • Mr. Welch – taking on a weight loss challenge in Hyde’s version of “The Biggest Loser”
  • Anthony Pullis – for his stellar effort on the football field and moving talk to the school during our 9/11 Remembrance
  • Andrew Hawk – demonstrating excellent leadership on and off his wing
  • Sarah Sherman – for a brand new student, did a tremendous job of doing a “Hyde greeting” on Mr. Dawes shortly before our morning meeting.

Keep up the great work guys!