College Process 101 with Birmingham-Southern

Last summer I went on the “Sweet Tea” counselor tour hosted by the Southern Association of College Admissions Counseling (SACAC) and visited 11 colleges and universities in Georgia and Alabama in 5 days. As always, it is invigorating to walk onto a campus and get to feel it out. When I leave, I’ve inevitably got a sense of a junior or senior who would be the perfect “fit” for each school. Sometimes I walk away knowing that I don’t know any kids who would connect, but usually I’ve got names in mind at each college I visit.

On this tour – Birmingham-Southern College was school number 9 on day 3 and, as when you go to a museum, colleges you visit on long tours can tend to start merging in your mind. Not BSC! What an outstanding college. The students were engaged with us, loved our quirky questions, were eager to share with us their research and in general, showed through their presence how much they loved their school. After the tour we met the college’s president, Dr. David Pollick, who reminded me so much of Laura Gauld – real, present and with his eyes on the vision of the school. Everyone from faculty to students to the admissions staff was on the same page – providing an exciting learning environment. I also had the chance to meet Tyler Peterson who worked directly with high schools in the northeast. He offered to come for a visit and, in an offhand comment, also offered to do a workshop on the College Process. I wasn’t going to pass that one up! So last Tuesday night the junior and senior class met with Mr. Peterson and he talked with them about the College Process. The students had good questions for him and several came up to him afterward to keep the conversation going.

In my eyes – there’s a college for everyone. Fit is the key to success and, not surprisingly, this was Tyler’s message as well. Our goal at Hyde is to help your students find that fit. It’s an exciting prospect and we love what we do!